Add Warmth to Your Home - TURBRO HR1500 Space Heater

Winter has come. We'd like to add warmth to your house and introduce Arcade HR1500 to you! Let's take a deeper look at this product!

How Does Arcade HR1500 Work?

The working of a Micathermic space heater is a lot less complicated than it seems.

Micathermic heaters have similar heating elements as convection heaters, except that the heating elements are typically panels covered in the sheets of mica, which is a great conductor of heat.

Mica is known to generate infrared rays. When mica is heated to a certain temperature, infrared rays are emitted into the room. The electromagnetic rays then heat up the room. The heating effect the rays have on the room is similar to sunlight in the morning. It provides soothing heat, radiant heat, much like infrared sauna room heating does.

The best part is that these rays heat up the room faster than most space heaters. As the rays heat up all the objects in the room, the ambient air is warmed up by air convection. Gradually, the warm air pushes the cool air towards the heater itself.

This is how the cool air is warmed without the use of a fan to blow warm air across a room. This technology is what gives Micathermic heaters the ability to heat up larger areas without the assistance of a blower.



What is the rated power of HR1500?

It's from 8.3A/1000W on low to 12.5A/1500W on high. You can adjust it with the knob on the side.



What room and what size room will it fit?

You can use it in any room you like, such as the living room, office, etc. It can also be wheeled around your room to provide heat wherever you need it. A room that is less than 13x13 or 160 sq ft is highly recommended. If your room is larger than that, it will take a bit more time to warm the whole place.


Is it safe to use?

Yes, HR1500 has overheating protection and the tip-over auto-off function to prevent any accdents. Please note that it is normal to see a few seconds of white smoke after turning on the unit for the first time.


How can I get one?

For more information about HR1500, please refer to the following links:

Click the button and you can get one from our website now. If you still have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

Have a cozy day and a wonderful holiday season!

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