The TURBRO Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Gets Even Better

Here at TURBRO, we’re always looking for ways to make your home more comfortable and convenient. With that in mind, we always look for ways that we can improve upon existing products before we start adding an entirely new product to our lineup. Based on customer feedback, we’ve added a few new features to our latest version of our popular electric wall-mounted fireplace that you are sure to love.

Here are three new features we have added to the In Flames INF50W-3D WiFi Smart Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace to make it the best choice for a wall-mounted fireplace.


Infrared Heating

Standard convection heaters transfer heat between air and the object, losing heat in the process as air is heated. An infrared heater transfers heat directly to the object without heating the air, so no heat is lost. This keeps you warmer and saves you money on electricity costs.

Ince infrared heating does not heat the air between you and the heater, the air you breathe will not feel as dry on your airways and because of the higher humidity level, you will notice less static electricity on your clothes, furniture, and carpet.

Realistic Crackling Sound

Imagine you are next to a real burning bonfire - the flames are dancing and flickering while the firewood is crackling and popping. Besides the benefit of warmth, the INF50W-3D and INF60W-3D fireplaces have a built-in crackling fire effect to make it seem like you have a real fire on your wall. Choose from one of three sound levels to set the perfect level of a cozy fireplace in your home without all the mess and smoke of a real burning fire.

With twelve flame colors and thirteen ember bed colors, you can adjust the flame speed and brightness to recreate the perfect ambiance of a roaring fire with the simple press of a button.


Smart Control

Last but not least, we come to the biggest feature upgrade in the new TURBOR wall-mounted fireplaces – smart control from the app. With this feature, you can adjust all fireplace settings even while you are tucked into the coziness of your couch or bed.

Most importantly, the app can control your fireplace even when you are outside of the house. This way you can start heating the room before you get home so you spend less time fighting the cold chill of winter.

You also never have to worry about whether you shut the heater off or not because you can quickly check on your phone and shut the fireplace off via the app when you are away from home.

The smart control can also be used with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It does not work with Apple Homekitor Apple’s Siri at this time.

Other Features

There are a few other features that were carried over from the original wall-mounted electric fireplace to the new, smart version. These include a 0-24 hour timer to turn the fireplace off automatically, a thermostat range of 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and a recommended use space of 400-1,000 square feet.

If you are the type of person who enjoys having smart control devices or who wants the ability to heat up the room before you get home, the new TURBRRO In Flames WiFi Smart Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces might be the perfect option for you. This product comes in either a 50-inch or 60-inch wide variation depending on how much space you have available on your wall for mounting.

If you have any questions about this or any other TURBRO products, please feel free to contact our customer support at and we will be happy to assist you.

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