TURBRO Electric Heater Buyer’s Guide


Football is on TV, leaves are starting to change colors, and the smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air. With weather getting cooler, we are all starting to sense that winter is right around the corner. 

It won’t be long until kids in Halloween costumes are knocking on our door. Long-lost relatives will be showing up for Thanksgiving and next things you know, Christmas will have come and gone before we move into the new year. 

As much as we all love seeing your relatives around the holidays, the last thing you want to hear about this year is your Great Aunt Nancy telling you how cold it is in your house as she cranks up your thermostat every 20 minutes. Instead of trying to heat the entire house, wouldn’t it be easier to add a little extra heat to one room to keep Auntie Nancy satisfied? 

At TURBRO, we have a full line of electric heaters to help keep you warm this holiday season. Whether you want to add the upscale aesthetic of a heating stove to your room, convert your messy wood-burning fireplace over to clean electric, or have a roaring fire below your TV as you watch your favorite Christmas story, TURBRO has the perfect electric heater to meet your needs. 

To help you choose your heater for this winter, we put together a handy guide that explains each of our different types of electric heaters. 

    Arcade Collection

      If you need a heater that can be relocated to any room in the house, the Arcade collection is just what you are looking for. The Arcade collection features portable supplemental space heaters which can quickly take the chill out of even the draftiest rooms. 

      By using infrared heating technology instead of a convection heater with blower fan, the Arcade collection is able to heat rooms faster as the what is radiated in all directions. Infrared heating also does not remove moisture from the air so your skin will thank you and you will not notice as much static electricity buildup compared to traditional space heaters. The heater will automatically cycle on and off in order to maintain the heating level you select on the control panel. 



        Suburbs Collection

          A wood-burning stove used to be at the center of every household. It was where we used to cook, stay warm, and even dry our clothes after a day spent out in the snow. The TURBRO Suburbs collection brings the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a roaring fireplace to your home without the hassle of chopping wood, sweeping up ashes, and stoking the fire. 

          With several different size and aesthetic options to choose from, the realistic burning logs and dancing flames will make you wonder if this is actually a real fire. Simple to control and safe for pets and kids with the cool-touch design, this vintage fireplace stove will add a new level of class to your home while giving you a warm, cozy spot to relax on a cold winter evening. 


            Eternal Flame Collection

              For everyone who has dreamed of having a fireplace in their house (AKA everyone), the Eternal Flame electric log set brings the comforts of a crackling fire right to your living room. Available in realistic Lemonwood or Pinewood burning logs, this Electric Log Fireplace replaces your old wood-burning or gas fireplace with an electric version.

              No mess, no odors, and starts heating the room in seconds. The realistic burning logs and dancing flames will make you wonder if this is actually a real fire. Simple to control and safe for pets and kids with the cool-touch design, this electric fireplace insert will add a new level of class to your home while giving you a warm, cozy spot to relax on a cold winter evening. 


                In Flames Collection

                  For those of you who are sick of the mess and maintenance of your wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace, do we have a treat for you! The TURBRO In Flames collection is a line of wall-recessed electric fireplaces that can be inserted into your existing fireplace or embedded into a wall or cabinet so you can enjoy a roaring fire on demand without smoke or gas odors. 

                  Not only can you spend time with others, you will also be warmed up by three infrared quartz heating elements that efficiently cover you with layers of warm, infrared heat. This style of heating is much more efficient than traditional singlet tube quartz heating elements without increasing energy consumption. 

                  The In Flames collection is available in three different size options to keep you warm with less maintenance than a traditional fireplace. Whether you want to create an intimate setting for your next at-home date night or create a cozy environment to curl up with your favorite book, the IN Flames collection can really set the mood.

                    Fireside Collection

                      Cozying up on the couch, watching movies as you sip hot chocolate, feeling the warmth of a fireplace -- who doesn’t want to spend a cold, winter evening this way? With the TURBRO Fireside collection, you get a durable TV stand able to hold over 150 pounds and support 70-80 inch TVs and a fireplace that keeps you warm while you watch your favorite Christmas story for the millionth time. 

                      With rustic sliding doors, the Fireside collection adds a rugged appeal to your living room decor. Adjustable side shelves allow you to store all your living room essentials like board games, extra blankets, and more. With the included remote control you don’t even need to get off the couch to get your optimal temperature. 


                      Still unsure?

                      Our TURBRO support is always here to help out! If you still have questions, you can leave a comment below, send an email to support@turbro.com, or reach out to us anytime on social media.

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