TURBRO Universal Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust with Zip and Adhesive Fastener - Works with All Mobile and Portable AC Units - For Tilting and Casement Windows Only
Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner
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【Efficient Cooling】 The TURBRO window seal kit completely encloses your tilting or casement window so your AC can run more efficiently. Your AC will be more effective if it is not fighting constant drafts of hot air from the outside. 

【Save Money】 Heating and cooling costs account for more than half of monthly household utility bills. By providing a tight seal around your windows you will save money by trapping cold air in the room while preventing hot air from trying to sneak into your home. 

【Prevent Air Leaks】 TURBRO window seal kits prevent hot air from entering your room during the summer. If you need to shut the windows before a storm you can safely do so without removing and reattaching the window seal kit.

【Easy Install】 No screws, brackets, or extra tools needed. Simply attach the velcro tape on the window and frame, attach the window seal using the velcro hooks, and tightly close the 4 anti-skid zippers to create a tight seal around the AC exhaust hose. 

【Universal Application】 Doesn’t matter what type of portable air conditioner you are using, the TURBRO window seal kit works for all! Refer to picture 3 to determine which length of window seal kit you are going to need for your type of window. 

Warm Tips :
1. Confirm Your Window Types: This window seal kit is designed for tilting or casement window types. This kit is not suitable for hung windows or windows that open by sliding vertically or horizontally.
2. Measure Your Window Frame:

  • Pull-in Windows

Only 3 sides of the window need a seal. Measure your window based on the picture below to ensure the total distance is less than the selected inch

  • Push-out Windows

Usually, all 4 sides of the window need a seal. Measure your window based on the picture below to ensure the total distance is less than the selected inch

  • If it is longer than 118 inches, you will need to go up to the next size.

3. Removable and Washable: This window seal kit can be hand or machine washed after getting dirty or at the end of the AC season.

Package Includes:
1× Window Seal Cloth
1× Adhesive Velcro

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
We at least had a cool upstairs.

The size wasn’t a perfect fit for my window but we made it work. The heat from the output vent over the time of the summer melted the Velcro adhesive that kept it stuck to the window so the area that the vent was near- failed. It worked well for a while but next summer will require some heavier duty adhesive to keep the Velcro intact and curtain/ vent in place. Just make sure the AC output vent stays far outside the window/ curtain To avoid heat coming in around the vent opening.

Very useful

I used this this summer and it was helpful because of the windows landlord decided to put but this saved us for helping us cooling the house .


I finally found a solution for wanting to use a portable air conditioner in a casement window! The material is okay- I feel it’s worth the price paid. I had some trouble installing it because my casement window swings outwards not inwards and is on a second floor. So, I had to do a bit of research to properly install it. It seems to be working really well but I am concerned about insects squeezing through the tiny gaps in each of the corners of the window and seal. I’ve been pressing the seal down to the velcro every so often to ensure it’s secure. Would recommend!

Does the job

We have casement windows and this was a perfect addition to our new space air conditioner

Works amazingly well and super easy to set up.

This tiny little product just saved me over $1500 dollars, my loft used to get up to about 90 degrees with my central air at 68, this became my home office when the pandemic started and I was desperate, I have a small window and outward-facing casement window, and no regular AC would fit it, so I was contemplating on getting a wall unit until I saw this, I purchased it and then bought a portable AC 8,000 BTU unit for about $270, and my office is now always at a very comfortable 68, and this product has withstood quite a lot of rain, and storms in the last couple of months!! 5 stars for sure!!!