TURBRO in-Flames 28 Inch in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Insert - Realistic Wood Log, 3D Adjustable Flame Effects, Infrared Quartz, Thermostat, and Timer - INF28-3D
In Flames INF28-3D Electric Fireplace Insert
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  • 🔥[Realistic Flame & Logs] Set the mood of your room with vivid realistic flame effects and hand-finished logs. The INF28-3D has 5 flame effects, 5 flame speeds & 5 flame brightness so you can create the perfect ambiance in your home.
  • 🔥[Powerful Infrared Heater] The INF28-3D uses 5,120 BTUs of infrared heater to provide supplemental heating to rooms ranging from 400-1000 sq ft. The temp can be set from 70-95℉ to keep you warm and toasty.
  • 🔥[Child & Pet-Friendly] Overheating protection shuts the heater off in case of excessive heating. With the child lock function activated, you don’t need to worry about the settings being changed by your children or pets by accident when you are not in the room.
  • 🔥[Easily to Install] INF28-3D’s dimension is 29.3 x 6.3 x 20.4 in. It provides a clean look that can be fully recessed on a finished wall, cabinet, or wooden mantel. The package comes with a 3-inch mountable base so you can adjust the height.
  • 🔥[Year-Round Decor] INF28-3D can light up your room with or without heat, so you are able to enjoy the appearance of a roaring fire throughout the year. Hand-finished log with a realistic shape makes it an ideal decoration for living room, lobby, bedroom, or anywhere that needs a warm and charming ambiance.

Easy Installation

This electric fireplace insert can be recessed in a wall, a TV stand or a cabinet. A 3-inch mountable base is included in the package. The INF28-3D allows you to install easily and freely wherever you want a comforting fireplace.

Safe and Cozy

INF28-3D produces supplemental heat to warm up your room quietly. The infrared heater together with overheating protection and child lock keep your children and pets safe.

Modern Decoration

INF28-3D has a variety of flame colors as well as adjustable flame speed and brightness. You can sleep with the breathing log light, or enjoy the flame without heat when you don’t need the extra heating. Live a snug and toastie life with this modern decoration!





Control Panel

Flame Options

Flame Brightness

Flame Speed


Thermostat Control

Optional Base

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Touch Screen@@ 5@@ 5@@ 5@@ 0.5 - 8H@@ 70℉ - 95℉@@ 29.3 x 6.3 x 3.0 in@@ 29.3 x 20.4 x 6.3 in (Without Base)
Button Panel@@ 7@@ /@@ /@@ 0.5 - 6H@@ 62℉ - 82℉@@ /@@ 24.0 x 17.6 x 7.9 in
Button Panel@@ 7@@ /@@ /@@ 0.5 - 6H@@ 62℉ - 82℉@@ /@@ 27.0 x 17.6 x 9.5 in
Button Panel@@ 7@@ /@@ /@@ 0.5 - 6H@@ 62℉ - 82℉@@ /@@ 34.0 x 26.5 x 9.5 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Love it

I love this fireplace. It’s beautiful and has many different flame features. I love that you can run the fireplace without the heater if you just want the look. Heater works great as well. And customer service for Turbo is awesome.

Well made & looks & works well!

We have it sitting on the living room floor right now trying it out and it’s way nice! We’re going to put it in. Our bus in the cabinet. Should be great. Puts out a lot of heat so much heat at my ceiling fan was turning ha ha ha

Great customer service

Had it for just over a year and it worked great(or at least the amount of time it was actually used living in Texas). About 2 weeks after the 1 year mark, the flame animation stopped working. Heater still worked and it still lit up to show a glow, just no flame. Emailed customer support expecting to hear that I was out of warranty or at the very least that I would have to pay expensive shipping to return it. I was asked a few basic questions and asked to send a video of the issue. After I sent the video, I received a reply asking if I would like a partial refund or a replacement. I chose replacement and had a new unit at my door within about a week from my first email. I believe support is from China because I only recieved replies late at night, but they were very to the point and gave no hassle.

The Truckist
Pleased with This Insert

Happy with this fireplace insert. Easy install. Works as described. Remote control very responsive. Heat is sufficient for my small room.

Speechless White
Delivered Shattered *** Update***

**** Update I received great customer service and I am happy with my purchase. **** I ordered this and was very excited. Upon opening the box the glass was shattered. I submitted a return and refund request. Awaiting a response.