TURBRO Neighborhood PD400A Pond Deicer, Stainless Steel Pond Deicer 400 Watts, Floating De-ice with 32.8 ft. Cord, Winter Heated Deicer for Ponds up to 750 Gallons, Silver

Neighborhood PD400A Pond Deicer
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  • 🐟Safety at Its Core: Rest easy with TURBRO FCC-certified pond de-icer. It provides a worry-free operation with built-in overheating and power-off protection features. UL-approved power cord and leakage protection plug prioritize electrical safety and well-being of your pond.
  • 🐟Upgraded Temperature Management: Our pond deicer with SCR technology has higher precision in temperature regulation, quicker response time, and a 10 times longer lifespan than those with traditional mechanical components.
  • 🐟Extended Power Cord: With a generous 32.8ft power cord, TURBRO pond de-icer ensures flexibility in its placement, reaching further to meet your specific needs.
  • 🐟Sturdy Stainless Steel Build: Crafted from anti-rust and anti-corrosion stainless steel, the entire casing not only boasts a strong watertight seal that safeguards internal components from water, but also efficiently distributes heat, accelerating the ice-melting process for faster results.
  • 🐟Intuitive Monitoring: Featuring an indicator light, you can effortlessly check the working status. A comforting red glow signals active heating and green signals not heating.
  • 🐟Fish-Friendly Winter Care: Designed for temperatures down to -4℉, it helps prevent the surface of a pond from freezing in cold weather, allowing harmful gases to escape and oxygen to enter the water, which is crucial for the survival of aquatic life during the winter months.


Leakage Protection Plug

TURBRO Neighborhood Pond De-icer

32.8Ft Extra Long Power Cord


  • Model: PD400A
  • Rated Power: 400W
  • Cord Length: 32.8Ft / 10M
  • Size (L × W × D): 7.4'' × 7.4'' ×4.4''

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