197" (500 cm) Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner

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【Perfect for PAC Window Installation】 TURBRO window seal kit provides a perfect portable air conditioner window installation solution for tilting and casement windows. It prevents warm exhaust air from returning into the room so that the air conditioner can be more efficient and energy-saving.

【Choose Your Size】The maximum length of this window seal is 197 inches / 500 cm. For pull-in type windows, please make sure the total length of 3 sides window frame is no longer than 197 inches. For pull-out type windows, please ensure the full side window frame length is no longer than 197 inches.

【Durable Material】It's made of high-quality polyester washable cloth with waterproof and PU coating. It features 4 anti-skip zippers that can firmly secure the hose without cable tie needed. No matter single or dual exhaust hose installation, this seal meets your requirement.

【Easy Installation】 No extra tool needed. Simply stick the velcro tape on the window frame and the window itself. Attach the window seal on the velcro starting from the middle. Then, open the zip to place your air conditioner hose out of the window and please don’t forget to close the zip tightly around the hose.

【Convenient to Use】You can open or close the window freely without removing the seal cloth. When offseason, the window seal is easy to disassemble and washable before storage.