6” Aluminum Vent Hose | 300'' (25') Long

6” Aluminum Vent Hose | 300'' (25') Long

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【Ideal Ducting】This is a 6-inch diameter vent hose. You can adjust the length from 1.3 to 25 feet for any general purpose HVAC application.

【4-Layer Structure】Our vent hose is constructed of dual-layer flame-resistant aluminum foil and dual-layer PVC thermoplastic. With protection, this duct hose is extremely durable and not easily torn compared to a single-layer design.

【Efficient Spiral Wiring】The built-in spiral steel-wire makes the hose flexible and easy to adjust while keeping the tube smooth and straight when stretched out, maximizing airflow and reducing CFM losses.

【Easy to Use】Installation is easy by attaching each end to the opening of the appliance. The included stainless steel clamps help secure the hose from leakage. You can bend or cut the tube freely to fit your unique space restrictions.

【Multiple Applications】This ducting is primarily used with duct fan systems for air circulation in hydroponic grow tents, smell and moisture removal in bathrooms, and hot air exhaust in computer rooms. This ducting can also be used to remove smoke and odors during industrial laser cutting processes.

TURBRO AirSupply vent hose is designed as a commercial and residential air duct solution. It’s made of a 4-layer structure with high-temperature resistant materials to protect the hose from fire risk, tear and leakages. The spiral wire construction reinforces the tubing shape to help HVAC systems work more efficiently. 

TURBRO constantly endeavors to provide quality products. If you have any problems with the products, please feel free to contact the TURBRO Support Team.


  • Model: CFD2506
  • Product Size: 6 in. × 25 ft. 
  • Product Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Structure: 4-Layer and Spiral Steel-Wire
  • Maximum Endurance Temperature: 185°F
  • Material: Aluminium Foil and PVC Thermoplastic (Non-insulated)

Package Include:

  • 1 X  25 Foot Air Ducting
  • 2 X Clamps