TURBRO Extendable Bypass Lopper, Tree Trimmer - Ratcheted Cutting Head for Max Power, 1 5/8 Inch Cutting Capacity, 26-41” Adjustable Telescoping Handle - Trim Garden, Plants, Branches, or Bonsais
HBL50 Bypass Lopper
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  • Wide Diameter: Cut up to 1 5/8-inch diameter branches with this wide-mouth bypass lopper. Meet different demands such as trimming or shaping trees and pruning branches, bonsai trees, flowers, and other living plants without crushing plant fibers.
  • Ratcheted Cutting Mode: The ratcheted design provides more cutting power to cut through tough, thicker branches with less effort. The handle length can be extended from 26 to 41 inches for flexibility and easily trimming higher branches on the trees.
  • Comfort & Durability: The blades are made of corrosion-resistant SK5 Steel which prevents the blades from sticking with the sap of trees or other plants. The cushioned anti-slip handle protects your hands while also making the shears easy to clean.
  • Telescopic Handle: Comes with a safety adjustment switch to conveniently adjust the hand grip length to 5 different sections long. Easy to cut variety branches, plants. And the safety lock holes help to lock the grip in setting length and not slip while using.
  • Safety Protection: The Blade is closed when not in use, preventing damage to the blades and injury to yourself.
  • Easy to Use: Just push the switch to adjust the grip length you need, pull to open the bypass lopper and clamp the branch position you would like to cut. Enjoy the fun of beautifying your garden with TURBRO anvil pruning shears.

TURBRO Bypass Loppers is an ideal garden tool when you want to trim back an overgrown shrub or live plants such as trees. Compared to an anvil shear which crushes plant fibers, the bypass design provides clean cuts on live wood allowing the plant to heal more quickly. The adjustable long handles give you more leverage so you can cut bigger stems or branches — up to 1 5/8 inches diameter wide — with less effort.


  • Model: HBL50
  • Type: Bypass Lopper
  • Cutting Capacity: 1-⅝ inches Diameter
  • Blades: SK5 Steel + Stainless Steel
  • Hand Grip: TRP, Handle: Aluminum
  • Length: 26 - 41 inches
  • Weight: 10.36 lbs.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Best lopper I've ever used

    This is a beautifully designed and solidly constructed tool. The ratcheted cutting head is unique, in my experience. It allows the jaws to separate enough to accommodate really thick branches (1 5/8", the manufacturer claims). Then, as one closes the jaws, the ratcheting mechanism allows the gap between the cutting blades to narrow as the cut is made. It's really trick.

    The handles are extendible via a clever mechanism. Simply push down on the buttons on each of the two arms and slide the handles away from the cutting head. There are several detents to choose among to achieve your preferred arm length. This allow you to accomplish two different things. (1) You can increase the distance between your hands and the branch you're cutting, and (2) you can get the increased leverage you'll need to cut through thick branches.

    I have confirmed that it can handle a branch that's 1 1/8" thick (see accompanying photo). I used the maximum handle length and a little assist from my foot (pushing down on the upper handle) to make this cut. I find this performance to be very impressive, but I have my doubts about whether it can handle the 1 5/8" the manufacturer claims. (Maybe it can cut this diameter in a vine, or something non-woody like that.)

    Still, this is an amazing tool, with very impressive performance. It's a real winner.


    The TURBRO 41 in. SK5 Steel Garden Bypass Lopper is a dandy addition to one’s set of outdoor tools. We have two anvil loppers but not a bypass lopper. Since a bypass lopper is best for pruning live branches, this tool provides a better solution for those branches. This lopper really is turbo. It has a huge cutting head and handles that can be placed in any of six positions to make it just right for whatever the task. And yes, it can cut branches up to 1 5/8" since it has the long handles and uses ratcheting to add force to the cut. One of the photos shows the branches that were cut in only a few minutes. With its handles collapsed, it stores easily. The only limitation may be that because of its large cutting head, it may be difficult to cut a branch in an area with congested branches. It has a one-year warranty and is made in China.

    Powerful Loppers

    The handles are surprisingly easy to adjust; just press the button and the telescoping parts glide easily in your hand. However, even with the handles at their longest setting, it took some effort to open and close the blades until I lubricated the moving surfaces with a Silicone Spray that I had on hand; now they open and close smoothly and easily. They are replacing an old lopper that I have been proud to own for decades. The old lopper is not a bypass cutter; it has a blade and an anvil. The bolt that holds the anvil, but it is too worn to hold it firmly so it no longer makes clean cuts. Therefore, I ordered this new lopper. I will miss the down-to-earth feel of the solid wood handles on my old tool, but the new one feels light in my hands and has many useful features. In addition to the telescoping handles, the inside of one blade is serrated . The serrations are not sharp, they are almost like waves. However, they will help lock a branch in the blade to keep it from rocking and wiggling which should make cuts easier and quicker. It also has a ratcheting feature. At first I didn’t even notice the ratchet because it goes very smoothly both when opening and when closing. However, I believe the ratcheting feature allows the blades to open much wider. This will allow me to take advantage of the extra power provided by the compound action blade and the extra long handles. However, after making less than 20 cuts, the shiny coating has chipped a little on the lower blade (see photo). Also, the handles on this lopper not close as far as on my old pair so they take up more space on my pegboard (see photo).


    First pair of loppers lasted 40 minutes.
    Company quickly replaced them. Still cutting lots of brush and branches with new loppers. Running the product hard and it's holding up. Thanks!

    Long extandable tree trimmer, so easy to use

    These tree trimmers are amazing! The blades are big and heavy duty and can handle some serious branches with not much pressure. They extend to much longer handles to reach 12-18" higher and they're super easy to adjust, just press a button and slide the bar longer. Then the same action to make it shorter. The grips on the trimmers are comfortable. I used them all afternoon and didn't get any blisters. These trimmers are fantastic and I highly recommend.