TURBRO in-Flames 26 Inch in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace - 7 Flame Effects, Infrared Quartz, Adjustable Thermostat and Timer - INF26
In Flames INF26 Electric Fireplace Insert
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🔥 Creative Date Night: It’s getting harder and harder to find time for date nights, but there’s nothing more intimate sitting by the fire and seeing the flames light up your lover’s face. Use the INF26 to create a romantic setting for your next date night at home. 

🔥 Zone Heating: The INF26 adds 5,280 BTUs of supplemental heat to rooms from 400-1000 sq ft. Instead of turning up your HVAC system in every room of the house, you can save money on your utility bill by using the INF26 in a room where you spend the most time in the winter.

🔥 Infrared Heater: Like the sun on a bright winter day, infrared heaters can warm you in seconds. Instead of drying the air and creating static electricity, infrared heaters use moisture in the room to transfer heat more effectively. 

🔥 Safety Features: Set a timer from the remote control and you’ll never worry about shutting the fireplace off again. For added safety, overheat protection will automatically shut the fireplace off if the temperature gets too hot. 

🔥 Precision Heating: Instead of using an inaccurate knob to adjust the heat from low to high, the INF26 uses precise temperature controls so you can set the perfect temperature degree-by-degree among 62-82‎℉.


The TURBRO In Flames INF26 Electric Fireplace keeps you warm and looks great doing it. Whether you want to create an intimate setting for your next at-home date night or create a cozy environment to curl up with your favorite book, the INF33 can really set the mood. Not only can you spend time with others, you will also be warmed up by the infrared quartz heating elements that efficiently cover you with layers of warm, infrared heat. This style of heating is much more efficient than traditional singlet tube quartz heating elements without increasing energy consumption.


Package Includes:

  • 1× User Manual
  • 1× Recessed Heater (6 ft. power cord on the top-left)


  • Model: In Flame INF26
  • Rated Power: 1500W
  • Current: 13.6 A
  • Material: Metal, Tempered Glass, Resin Wood
  • Certification: CSA Certificated
  • Noise Level: 42 dB
  • Item Weight: 45.2 lb.
  • Item Dimension (L x D x H): 27.0 x 9.5 x 17.6 Inches




Rated Power

Applicable Area

Heater Type

Thermostat Control

Flame Brightness

Flame Colors


Remote Control


1500W / 5100BTU@@ 400-1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Yes@@ 1 @@ 7 @@ Yes@@ Yes@@ 24.0'' W x 17.6'' H x 7.9'' D
1500W / 5100BTU@@ 400-1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Yes@@ 1 @@ 7 @@ Yes@@ Yes@@ 27.0'' W x 17.6'' H x 9.5'' D
1500W / 5100BTU@@ 400-1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Yes@@ 1 @@ 7 @@ Yes@@ Yes@@ 34.0'' W x 26.5'' H x 9.5'' D

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Pat Argen
A great new fireplace!

We had an old wasted space cabinet in our small living room that served no purpose (except to hold a few pictures and knick knacks). When we bought the place I was bummed there was no fireplace, but as a few weeks went by, I had an idea. Pull off the doors and shelving and create a space for an electric fireplace insert. What a great idea! A contractor friend of ours pulled out the old pieces, put in new paneling and trim, and voila - the 26" Turbro fireplace insert was put in. We did have a separate outlook set up behind the fireplace to accommodate/hide the power cord, which gave a much cleaner look. We love this new fireplace, have been kicking on every day the past few weeks, and what a difference it makes in the warmth of the living room and the ambiance.
There are several flame options to choose from depending on your mood (the one pictured isn't the best, our favorite is the orange/red/blue combo) and the timer works great. It's a simple to use piece of equipment and our friend said it was easy to install/set up. We're very pleased with this purchase and totally recommend!

Bill Harber
Easy to use

Gets the job done and it's easy to use. Would definitely buy again.


Replace a 7-year-old one that quit working. This fit in the cabinet perfectly. It is a little loud and you can not shut the flame off independently. Just a little distracting when watching TV. Other than that 3 months in so far so good.

Robert Grosz
Awesome piece

Great product. Love the many different flame colors.

Tammy Rhodes
Easy set up

Was exactly what we thought
Looks great 👍🏻 n our RV