TURBRO Neighborhood Chicken Coop Heater, 200 Watts Aluminum Radiant Heat Pet Warmer, Lightweight Flat Panel Heater for Chicks, Hens - 2 Heating Levels, Install by Wall-mounted and Stand Up
Neighborhood CP200A Chicken Coop Heater
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  • 🐣Fast Heating: Quickly warm up your chicken coop to make your chickens feel warm and cozy in winter. With 200W radiant heating and an aluminum-made panel, this heater has spreads heat faster and over a larger area than a traditional plastic coop heater.
  • 🐣Warm Safety: UL certified for overheating protection and safe, low power heating ensures the temperature is suitable for keeping chicks warm without overheating. The aluminum panel is durable and corrosion resistant so it never produces a “foul plastic smell” when heating.
  • 🐣Chicks' Favorite Color: Bright yellow is one of two colors that chickens can distinguish and like. The bright yellow heater is like a shining beacon, attracting chickens to come close and get warm.
  • 🐣Anti-Bite Cord: The double-layer wire is resistant to bits and general wear and tear. Not only does it increase the service life of the heater, but it can also prevents short-circuit overheating during use.
  • 🐣Easy Installation: According to the size or room type of the chicken house, it can be installed on the wall or left freestanding to meet the use of different types of chicken coops.

Not all chickens are cold-hardy, especially little chicks. The TURBRO coop heater cab provides comfort and safety for your chicks to prevent frostbite during the cold winter months when they are most vulnerable.

The radiant heating warms up the surrounding area gradually and is energy efficient. With the shining yellow color, chickens can easily find and snuggle close to the panel for warmth without the worry of getting burned.

Heat-Sensitive Sticker

You can easily see the heating process of the heater through the thermal paper clearly outside the coop and don’t need to touch it. The black color is completely cooled down or has not started to heat. When the temperature reaches the highest value, the thermal sticker will gradually turn orange.

IPX4 Waterproof Controller

IPX4 waterproof controller helps to fully protect the heater from water on a rainy day or any liquid accidents. No worry about the potential electric risk for your hens.

Anti-Bite Cords

The wire is wrapped by metal wire inside and a thickened outer shell, which is more wear-resistant and bite-resistant than normal cords. It can work well and won’t peel off the outer shell after long-term use, even if used in a chicken coop or other animal houses.

Protective Case

The protective case provides the safety of pets or livestock and protects the wire better. So that even if the wire is bent and folded many times, the interface will not be easily broken or damaged.

Quiet Operation

Heating with nearly mute which provides a quiet and warm house for your pets on cold days. It keeps working near to your pet but won’t bore their rest or startle them.


  • Model: CP200A
  • Color: Yellow
  • Heat TypeRadiant
  • Power Supply: 200W 110V 3A
  • Heating Level: 100W-Low, 200W-High
  • Material: Aluminum Panel + Steel Legs
  • Panel Temperature: 167 - 185℉
  • Overheating Protection: Yes
  • Certification: UL Test Passed
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.8 x 4.7 x 11.8 inch
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs