Neon NW10 Mini Electric Fan Space Heater, 700W/900W

Neon NW10 Mini Electric Fan Space Heater, 700W/900W

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INSTANT HEAT UP & WHISPER QUIET: Heats up to 85°F -95°F closed to the heater within 5 seconds. It is adopted with the new PTC ceramic heating element, which enables fast heating but lower energy consumption. The noise level is around 35dBA (equal to the library environment). Best warmer for home and office, babies and pets.

ETL CERTIFIED & MULTI SAFETY GUARANTEES: Equipped with overheat protection, tip-over auto-shutoff and long-working auto-shutdown (extended to 12 hours), your safety is our priority concerns.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Unlike some cheap plastics, Neon chooses UL94V-0-grade material which is fire-resistance, none electric conductive and lowest heat conductive. With smooth corners design and heat insulation air-outlet, Neon is a considerate choice for your family.

3 MODES TOUCH CONTROL WITH LED: Different LED colors indicate HI/LO heating modes and fan mode clearly. The light is soft but it is light-off under the sleep mode..

2-YEAR WARRANTY: Please do NOT use any power strips, extension cords, or old wiring with the heater. For the first use, please run it 15 minutes to eliminate the 'new smell'. Do NOT use the heater in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any high-humidity places. Please contact us at for any questions.

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About TURBRO "Neon" Series
TURBRO Neon NW10 is a small sized heater with powerful heating capacity. You will love this sleek and stylish appearance at first sight. Throw away your bulk units, Neon is 2.4lbs portable size that can warm your chilly winter anywhere and anytime. You can place it next to you while working, reading, sleeping or watching TV, perfect hands and feet warmer. You can hardly notice it due to the whisper-quiet noise level. Thanks to its safety protection systems (over-heat protection, tip-over shut-off system and long-time running auto-off system) you can turn on it all day and night without safety concerns. Cute, safe, easy operation, and lower energy consumption, Neon is your best choice for personal use or family gifts in winter.

Kindly Remind

  1. To avoid burns, do not allow bare skin to touch the air outlet of the heater. Use the handle when moving the unit.
  2. Please do not cover the heater with blanket or anything to avoid overheating.
  3. Keep combustible materials such as furniture, pillows, bedding, paper, clothes and curtains at least 3 feet (0.9m) away from the appliance.
  4. Do not use it in areas where gasoline, paint or flammable liquids are used or stored.
  5. Please do not use the heater in the high humidity places like bathroom or swimming pool. If you have to use it in the bathroom, please make sure it is dry enough to prevent the risk of short-circuit or electrocuting yourself!
  6. Before using the heater, read the instructions carefully.

    Model: Neon NW10
    Heating Element: Ceramic PTC
    Power Supply: 110-120V/60Hz
    Rated Power: 900W
    Noise Level≤35dBA
    Lighting Effect: LED (3-color)
    Dimensions: 8.5H x 5W x 5D in (22cm x 13cm x 13cm)
    Unit Weight: 2.4lbs (1.1kg)

    Package Includes
    1 x TURBRO Neon NW10 Heater, White
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card


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