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Suburbs TS23-C Electric Fireplace Stove Heater
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  • Instant Warmth! You control the efficient 4,777 BTU/1400-watt heat output of this elegant, vintage electric stove heater using the adjustable thermostat. Choose temps from 62°F to 82°F to warm up the room in mere minutes.
  • Set the Mood All Year Round. Enjoy the realistic-looking, rolling flames provided by the energy-efficient red and orange LED lights separately from the heat to provide an enchanting mood even when you don’t need the cozy warmth.
  • Cool to Touch. Safe for Kids and Pets. The heating element is located underneath so the body remains cool to the touch no matter how long the unit has been running. Odorless, smokeless and CSA-certified to be safe for use in North America, with automatic overheat protection in case the internal temp gets too hot or the unit gets tipped over.
  • Super-convenient! Just flip a couple of switches and you’ve got dancing flames ambiance, heat for up to 1000 square feet, or both. Set-up is quick. Just attach the four legs with a screwdriver.
  • Easily Portable! Weighs less than 21 pounds so you can easily move your TURBRO Suburbs electric stove anywhere in your home where you want quick warmth and/or a soothing atmosphere.

Our Story

Since 2013, TURBRO has created innovative products that help people improve the comfort of their homes.

The Suburbs series expands on this mission by offering the warmth, comfort, and charm of a vintage fireplace without the mess, hassle, or dangers of a gas or wood-burning stove. With the TURBRO Suburbs, you can enjoy a roaring fire anywhere in your home.


  • The fireplace doors open to give you up close access to the realistic flames.
  • The 3-sided panoramic design provides a view of the realistic flames from the front and both sides.

Zone Heating

Move the heater to any room to stay warm while saving energy.

Infrared Heater

Heat is spread throughout the room without removing any moisture.

Visible LED Panel

The remote control can be used to make adjustments from the comfort of your couch. With visible LED panel, you can remote control the heater, and do not need to open the door.

Adjustable Flames

Three adjustable brightness levels let you choose exactly how bright you want your fire to be.

Quiet Operation

Fan forced heaters quietly heat the room without disturbing you.

Overheat Protection

If the heater gets too hot, it will automatically shut off to prevent damage.

Timer Function

Set a timer from 30 mins - 6 hours so you never forget to shut the heater off.

The TURBRO Suburbs TS23-C Electric Fireplace Stove brings the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a roaring fireplace to your home without the smoke, mess, and hassle of chopping wood, sweeping up ashes, and stoking the fire. With 4,777 BTUs of heat able to heat rooms up to 400-1000 sq ft in minutes, the realistic burning logs and dancing flames will make you wonder if this is actually a real fire. Simple to control and safe for pets and kids with the cool-touch design, this vintage fireplace stove will add a new level of class to your home while giving you a warm, cozy spot to relax on a cold winter evening.

Detailed Features:

Gorgeous Dancing Flames & Burning Logs, with Heat or Without

You’ll love the enchanted mood provided by the TS23-C’s authentic-looking wood burning effects, and you’ll appreciate that you can use it all year round, with or without the 62°F to 82°F warmth. Provides all the allure of a real fire.

Accent Your Home with Vintage Style

With a classic design that looks like it’s straight out of your grandparents’ home, the TS23-C provides a welcome accent to any décor. The panoramic viewing glass and glass door means you can enjoy the dancing flames from anywhere in the room. Since the unit stays cool to the touch, you can use the flat top as a display stand for photos, decorations or whatever you want.

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

TS23-C is certified with the CSA (273527, by CSA Group, 2018) and features an overheat auto-off protection function. The whole exterior stays cool, so it’s safe for kids and pets. Any problems or questions, the TURBO Support Team is always available to help.


A Few Reminders:

  • Check Your Package: If you find the package is destroyed or lose the accessories, please feel free to contact us for any questions via Amazon or our official brand email (refer to the back of the user manual).
  • Safe Use: We do not recommend that you use a power strip with this (or any other) space heater or similar device. However, if you find the cord is too short, you can use an extension cord ONLY IF it is rated for 15 amp and a load of 1800 watts. You should check the power cord during the first 30 mins of operations to make sure it is not too hot. If hot to touch, unplug and discontinue use of a power cord.
  • Avoid Burning: DO NOT allow bare skin to touch the air outlet of the heater.


  • Model: Suburbs TS23-C
  • Rated Power: 1400W / 4777BTU
  • Power Supply: 110-120V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 11.67A at 120V
  • Power Cord Length: 6ft.
  • Recommend Applicable Area: 400 - 1000 sq.ft
  • Temperature Range: 62-82℉
  • Heating Method: Infrared Heater
  • Flame Brightness: High – Medium – Low
  • Lighting Effect: LED
  • LED Color: Red, Orange
  • Timer: 30 min to 6 Hrs.
  • Noise Level (dBA): ≤37dBA
  • Approval: North America CSA certified
  • Dimension: 23"H x 20"W x 11"D
  • Unit Weight: 20.1lbs (9.1kg)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric fireplace stove
  • 16 x Screws (Packaged with the User Manual)
  • 4 x Metal Legs
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x User Manual

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Suburbs TS23-C


Applicable Area

Heater Type

Control Panel

Remote Control

Temperature Range

Flame Brightness


Decorative Door

3-Sided Visable Design

400 sq ft@@ Convective@@ Mechanical Control@@ No@@ 68 - 95°F @@ 1 @@ No@@ No@@ No
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Mechanical Control@@ No @@ 68 - 95°F @@ 1 @@ No @@ Yes @@ Yes
400 sq ft@@ Convective@@ Digital Control@@ Yes@@ 62 - 82°F@@ 3@@ Yes@@ Yes@@ Yes
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Digital Control
+ Door Visable Screen
@@ Yes@@ 62 - 82°F @@ 3 @@ Yes @@ Yes @@ Yes
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Digital Control
+ Door Visable Screen@@ Yes@@ 62 - 82°F @@ 3 @@ Yes @@ Yes @@ Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
I. Chan
Pleasant surprise!

First I want to point out the excellent packaging of this item (something that I never bother to review). I don't remember when was the last time I've seen a product packaged so well. Great padding all around the fireplace made sure that it was in pristine condition. If only all products are packaged this well!

As for the fireplace itself, I was surprised by how light it is when I pulled it out of the box. That made me question if it produces enough heat. I set up in our bathroom. We have an open shower that is all tiled, so it gets really cold, especially during the winter. I had the heater pointed straight at the shower and it definitely warmed up the shower area. By the time I finished the shower, I was able to take my time to dry myself (something that used to be a rush job because of the cold).

I also tried pointing it at our bathtub and it worked well too. Turing the fireplace around to face the bathtub was easy because it is so light. It used to be freezing when I got out of the tub, but now I can sit and dry myself without catching a cold!

The look of the fireplace is also nicer than I expected (thou that was not why I got it). The remote control works great and I'm really glad that it came with one. All in all, I'd say this little fireplace exceeded my expectations.

Donna D.

Heater is attractive and works like a charm. Beautiful addition to the room and warms it up completely. Love it -Highly recommend.

Don't hesitate, buy THIS one!!!

Love everything about it! It looks SOOO good and heats up a great amount of space! I bought 2, 1 was a dud (wouldn't turn on) and so I started a return. They were so quick to ship out the replacement which was desperately needed with how cold it's been. They gave me a generous window to ship the second one back which was also nice because the UPS guy didn't pick it up...twice..second time he set the replacement next to the one he was supposed to take! so I had to arrange to get it taken into town.

Wonderful product! Wonderful store! Highly recommend and I may even buy another!

Works! But, shipment arrived missing parts…

Stove seems to work ok so far. Ive only had it plugged in for about 30 minutes. Stove looks nice and seems to heat ok. I would have given 4-5 starts at this point if the stove hadn’t arrived missing the instructions, remote and screws for the feet. The stove arrived quickly but I was unable to set up until replacement parts arrived.
Honestly, with how the stove looks sounds I would have given 4-5 stars even with the missing parts. However, when I contacted customer service, although they were prompt, they gave no apology for the missing parts and instead said to me,
“Thank you for reaching out. The bag of screws and remote may be in a corner of the package and is packed with the user manual. We suggest you check the package carefully first.

If you still cannot find them, could you please check the shipping address with us? Once I have that I can verify your warranty status and then I can arrange to send you the replacement screw and remote.”

Of course I checked the box before I contacted them. There is literally no place for this stuff to hide.
Like I said they were prompt, but, a bit of “Sorry for the inconvenience” would have been appropriate and nice. They did say, “ Thanks for your patience and cooperation.”

Parts did come two day earlier than tracking predicted so that was good.

Stove is nice. Looks nice. Rating would have been better better if all parts arrived with the stove.

Not sure about it ability to heat well yet. Will update if it doesn’t heat the room well.

Maureen Petrucelli
I have two of these heater

I love these heaters I have one in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. I just plug them in and forget about them I have it only Four rooms in my Downstairs. Plus them being attractive they keep me very comfortable.