(Open Box) Suburbs TS17 Electric Fireplace Stove
(Open Box) Suburbs TS17 Electric Fireplace Stove
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  • *Open Box items operate as intended and include all essential parts and accessories, but show minor to moderate physical flaws, scratches, or scuffs that affect cosmetic appearance. It is covered with a 6-month warranty. Final sale, no return. Learn More>>

  • Compact & Stylish: Dimensions-18H x 15W x 9D in. Suburbs TS17 is a compact and portable freestanding electric fireplace heater that can be freely placed anywhere in the room or on the go. TS17 features a durable metal frame and legs, clear full-screen glass, and realistic dancing flame effect, giving the instant ambiance of a traditional fireplace experience that is perfect for small spaces and personal use.
  • Warm & Comfortable: With 1,400W / 4,777BTU powerful heating capacity, that TS17 can warm your small spaces within minutes. The heater can be controlled separately and available to adjust your optimum temperature by the smooth dial knob.
  • Fully Assembled & Easy: TS17 is already assembled for you and requires no additional work on your part. Just plug in and switch on by using the control panel locates on the side of the fireplace. After that, enjoy the year-round dancing flames and glowing ember bed ambiance with or without heat.
  • Safe & Trustworthy: Suburbs is CSA certified, which means our products have passed all tests and met applicable standards for safety and performance in North America. If knocked over, overheating safety protection allows automatic shut-off to prevent potential fire incidents. As an added benefit, the heating module is underneath the main body so the top and sides are always cool to the touch.
  • Budget-Friendly & Energy Saving: Suburbs TS17 is a cost-effective, clean-energy alternative, providing your family a warm and comfortable environment. Please note that the“new smell”during your first use or after long-time storage is normal and it will be gone within a few minutes. TURBRO offers a 1-year warranty on Suburbs series products and you can easily contact us for any questions.

TURBRO Suburbs TS17

Compact Fireplace Stove Heater with 1400W Heating Capacity

Suburbs TS17 electric fireplace stove is the sweetest little stove that you could ever want! The vintage fireplace design with realistic dancing flames and burning log effect can provide your family with a warm ambiance.

  • Power Supply: 110-120V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 11.67A at 120V
  • Thermostat Temperature: Adjustable
  • Approval: North America CSA certified
  • LED Color: Red, Orange
  • Power Cord Length: 6ft.
  • Noise Level: ≤37dBA


Fulfill all your daily life

  • Compact & Stylish
  • Warm & Comfortable
  • Fast Installation & Easy
  • Safe & Trustworthy
  • Budget-Friendly & Energy Saving


The elegant design will instantly upgrade your home decor.

Zone Heating

Move the heater to any room to stay warm while saving energy.

Convection Heater

Heat the room in minutes as the fan quickly spreads heat.

Quiet Operation

Fan forced heaters quietly heat the room without disturbing you.

Flame Control

Flames can be used with or without the heater, perfect for summer months.


Adjustable thermostat allows you to pick your perfect temperature.

Overheat Protection

If the heater gets too hot, it will automatically shut off to prevent damage.

CSA Approved

Certified by North American CSA to be safe for use in your home.

About TURBRO ‘Suburbs’ Series

Suburbs TS17 electric fireplace stove is the sweetest little stove that you could ever want! Warms up your room of 400sq.ft within minutes. The vintage fireplace design with realistic dancing flames and burning log effect can provide your family with a warm ambiance. The retro design and realistic flame effect levels up your living ambiance. Gentle looking, high heating capacity, and easy control, kids and pets friendly, it's absolutely your best choice for this winter.

Detailed Features:

Gorgeous Dancing Flames & Burning Logs, with Heat or Without

You’ll love the enchanted mood provided by the TS17’s authentic-looking wood burning effects, and you’ll appreciate that you can use it all year round, with or without the 65°F to 95°F warmth. Provides all the allure of a real fire.

Accent Your Home with Vintage Style

With a classic design that looks like it’s straight out of your grandparents’ home, the TS17 provides a welcome accent to any décor. The panoramic viewing glass and glass door means you can enjoy the dancing flames from anywhere in the room. Since the unit stays cool to the touch, you can use the flat top as a display stand for photos, decorations or whatever you want.

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

TS17 is certified with the CSA (273527, by CSA Group, 2018) and features an overheat auto-off protection function. The whole exterior stays cool, so it’s safe for kids and pets. Any problems or questions, the TURBO Support Team is always available to help.


Kindly Reminder:

  • Check Your Package: If you find the package is destroyed or lose the accessories, please feel free to contact us for any questions via Amazon or our official brand email (refer to the back of the user manual).
  • Safe Use: We do not recommend that you use a power strip with this (or any other) space heater or similar device. However, if you find the cord is too short, you can use an extension cord ONLY IF it is rated for 15 amp and a load of 1800 watts. You should check the power cord during the first 30 mins of operations to make sure it is not too hot. If hot to touch, unplug and discontinue use of a power cord.
  • Avoid Burning: DO NOT allow bare skin to touch the air outlet of the heater.


  • Model: Suburbs TS17
  • Rated Power: 1400W / 4777BTU
  • Power Supply: 110-120V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 11.67A at 120V
  • Power Cord Length: 6ft.
  • Recommend Applicable Area: 400sq.ft
  • Heating Element: Circulating air convection heater
  • Lighting Effect: LED
  • LED Color: Red, Orange
  • Noise Level (dBA): ≤37dBA
  • Approval: North America CSA certified
  • Unit Weight: 13lbs (6kg)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric fireplace stove
  • 4 x Legs
  • 8 x Screws (Packaged with the User Manual)
  • 1 x User Manual

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Applicable Area

Heater Type

Control Panel

Remote Control

Temperature Range

Flame Brightness


Decorative Door

3-Sided Visable Design

400 sq ft@@ Convective@@ Mechanical Control@@ No@@ 68 - 95°F @@ 1 @@ No@@ No@@ No
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Mechanical Control@@ No @@ 68 - 95°F @@ 1 @@ No @@ Yes @@ Yes
400 sq ft@@ Convective@@ Digital Control@@ Yes @@ 62 - 82°F @@ 3 @@ Yes @@ Yes @@ Yes
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Digital Control
+ Door Visable Screen @@ Yes@@ 62 - 82°F @@ 3 @@ Yes @@ Yes @@ Yes
1000 sq ft@@ Radiant@@ Digital Control
+ Door Visable Screen@@ Yes@@ 62 - 82°F @@ 3 @@ Yes @@ Yes @@ Yes

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