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Can I use the unit without venting outside?
Well, technically, you COULD use the unit without an exhaust hose, but the unit would simultaneously be producing cool air and hot air inside the room, so you would just be wasting electricity and be disappointed when the room doesn't cool down at all. We really don't recommend you try this. If you don't have a window for the exhaust hose, you can try venting through the door or drilling a hole in the wall for venting.
Does the unit come with window fittings and a drain attachment hose?
Yes, a window panel kit and a drainage hose are included in the package. The window panel consists of 3 pieces and can be adjusted from 10 to 59 inches to fit your window. Since the minimum length of the main window panel is 20.5 inches, if the width of your window is smaller than that, just remove the adjustment panel and cut the window panel to fit a window from 10 to 20.5 inches.
In addition, our window panel kit is designed to fit horizontal or vertical sliding windows only. If you use casement windows, you will need to get a window seal kit to keep the window tightly sealed.
Will I have any issues if my window is higher then the normal windows ?
The recommended height of the window is 14 - 40 inches. If your window is higher than 4 inches, the exhaust process will be affected a bit. But the unit can still work, please don't worry. 
Does the unit automatically turn off when desired temp is achieved and then back on to re-cool??
Yes, the compressor of the unit will turn off when desired temp is achieved, and the fan will run in low speed for extra three minutes, then the whole unit will stop working. When the room temperature is a bit higher than the temp you set, the unit will be back on.
Do I need to add water to the unit?
No, the Greenland Portable AC doesn't need water to work. Some people may get confused between air coolers and air conditioners. An air cooler needs water because it works by evaporating water into the air, while an air conditioner expels heat outside of the room. Air conditioners are capable of lowering the temperature by at least 10 degrees, but air coolers can only cool down the room by a few degrees and don't work at all in super humid environments. Therefore, air conditioners offer you a better cooling experience on hot summer days without the annoyance of constantly refilling the unit with water.
Do I need to empty the water from the unit?
The Greenland Portable AC has a built-in self-evaporation system so you shouldn't need to drain the condensate water, unless you use the cooling mode in an area with high humidity or if you use the dehumidifying mode. When you use the dehumidifying mode, attach the 40 inch drainage hose (included in the package) to the unit for continuous draining. You can direct the drain hose into a floor drain for automatic drainage or a bucket of water to drain manually. If using a bucket, be careful to empty the unit periodically so water does not spill onto the floor.
Does the heat mode work below 32 deg. F?
Hi, so sorry that it's not recommended to use the heating mode under 32℉. The working conditions for heating mode is between 50℉ and 77℉ (30%RH - 90%RH). The built-in compressor will occur abnormal if the working environment surpass or lower than these conditions.
What happens if I experience a power outage? Will it restore to the previous settings?
Yes, as long as you keep the plug connected, the unit will continue to run the previous setting once the power recovers. Besides, please check the circuit and see if there are too many appliances plugged in at the same time.
Can I use an extension cord?
We don't recommend using an extension cord, but if you have to use one, ensure that the extension cord is properly rated to avoid electrical overload. Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any concerns. Before turning on the unit, always carry-out the LCDI (Leakage Current Detection and Interruption) plug test. Instructions for performing this test can be found in the user manual or contacting our customer support team.
Technical Specifications
Looking to use this with a generator. Trying to figure out what size generator though. Advice?
We suggest you to use a generator with power greater than one kilowatt.
Package did not come with remote control. Where can i get the remote control?
Please feel free to contact us via support@turbro.com or leave us a message on this website.