TURBRO Neighborhood Dog House Heater 400W, Wall Mount, 10ft Anti Bite Cord, Waterproof Control, Overheat Protection, Electric Warmer for Hound Kennel Cat Cage Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch, UL Test Passed

Neighborhood DH400A Dog House Heater
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  • 🐾Fast Heating: A powerful heater with built-in fan circulates hot air to heat up to 100 ft³ of pet housing. Using the low (200W) or high (400W) heating levels, you can switch the heat level depending on how cold it is outside.
  • 🐾Pet Friendly: Made of heat-insulating metal, you don't worry about scalding your dog when using it. The 9.8 ft. chew-proof power cord prevents even the most playful puppy from biting and damaging the wire.
  • 🐾Safe & Easy to Use: With an IPX4 waterproof controller, you can easily adjust the heating level from outside the dog house. This dog heater also comes with built-in overheating protection and has passed UL test so your pet can stay comfortable and warm in the winter.
  • 🐾Easy to Clean: The mesh air outlet design prevents pets from going into the heater and reduces dog hair from entering the heater. The built-in filter allows internal debris and hair to be cleaned easily by removing the outer shell.
  • 🐾Fits for Any Animal: With its small and lightweight wall-mounted design, you can use it in a dog house, cat house, chicken coop, rabbit cage, or for other small livestock.

Pets are part of your family

TURBRO’s mission is not only to warm your home but also your pets.
Winters can be very harsh, but some dogs love to stay outside and sleep in outside dog houses. TURBRO brings your pets a warm and comfortable house. With TURBRO dog house heater, you can keep your dog house warm throughout the cold winter night and let your dog have a warm, comfortable place to sleep.

Anti-Bite Cords

The wire is wrapped by a metal wire outside and a thickened shell to cover the inside wire, which is more wear-resistant and bite-resistant than regular cords. It can work well and won’t peel off the outer surface after long-term use, even in a dog house or other animal houses.


100 cu ft Heating Area

Heating coverage is up to 100 cu ft which fits a variation-size kennel or cage and keeps the warm inside of the full dog kennel.
This dog heater also comes with built-in overheating protection and it passed UL test which let your lovely pet live comfortably and stay in a safe warm house in winter.


Space Saving

With its small and lightweight wall-mounted design, you can use it in a dog house, sheep house, chicken coop, rabbit cage, or for other small livestock.


Easy to Clean

With the built-in filter, it's also easy to clean the pet's hair after a long time using, just the internal debris and hair can be easily cleaned by removing the shell.




  • Model: DH400A
  • Heating Level: Low (200W), High (400W)
  • Noise Level: < 45 dB
  • Heating Area: Up to 100 ft³
  • Heating Type: PTC Ceramic
  • Heating Wire: 10 ft. Anti-bite Cord
  • Installation Type: Wall-mounted
  • Certification: UL Test Passed, Overheat Protection
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Dimension(L x W x D): 6.7 x 6.7 x 4.7 in.

Customer Reviews

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Triple R Ranch
This Is A Great Little Heater!!!

This is a very nice little heater! It has two levels (high and low) and works amazingly on both! I was very surprised with the heat output, especially for it's size. We got this for the birds during the winter and they're super happy with it! The cord has a metal wire wrapped on it so if using it for a pet that can chew, the metal wire might keep them from wanting to chew. It is not a solid metal wire covering the cord, it is a wire wrapped around the cord. (Think of a spring) So if the pet is a chewer, they can get to the cord. Their teeth will fit between the wraps. The gaps between the wraps are big enough for even a big dogs K-9 teeth to fit between the wraps. I, personally, would not use this for a do unless the cord is completely out of the dogs reach. Maybe a high mounting position would be good, where they can't jump up to it.
This would also be awesome for our goat barn. Of course, with a high elevation installation so they can't get to the cord.
For what we're using it for (the chickens) and for elevated installation, for animals that can chew, I would absolutely recommend it.

Dog/Cat House Heater

I am very pleased with the heater and my three feral cats are too. At first they were afraid of the fan noise, but got curious enough and decided to stay in the house the next day. It keeps it relatively warm enough for them so far, but we have only been down in the upper teens a few nights so far in PA. My only complaint is I wish it had a thermostat built in to it. I really don't like that it is running all day if it doesn't need to be unless I go and shut it off. Other than that, it is working great.

Kay r
Works very well. Watch my video for proof.

The Turbro dog house heater works very well in heating smaller spaces in cold temperatures. It is very well thought out, well built using quality materials and craftsmanship, and is great value.
This heater is easy to install and operate and has many protections to ensure the safety of any animal residing near the heater. It is quiet at approximately 45 decibels.
I performed an experiment with the outside temperature at 24 degrees and was able to maintain 65 degrees all night long. See my pictures and watch the 5 1/2 minute video for more information.

I am extremely happy with this heater and can easily recommend it to others.

Does it's job

Made a hole for the wire & drilled it into one of those petmate large plastic dog houses ABOUT 3ft(h) x 3ft(L) x 3ft(w) and it gets to 50F° (10c°) outside at night. Keeps the dogs warm and doesn't overheat.

Has 2 heat settings level. 1 which is perfect for a small dog house and level 2 perfect for a big dog house imo (unless you live in extremely cold climates idk how well it'll perform, though if you have insulation and a sturdy dog house or just any type of dog house that TRAPS the heat, I'd say you'll be fine)

Try not facing directly at your dog though, it won't burn the dog but the doggo needs fresh air, though this goes for any heater i guess lol

Chris B
This works

The fact that this works is actually a big deal because there are a lot of these on the market and I would say 90% of them make little to no difference in the temperature in the outside room they're in. This one actually blows HEAT. Nice design.