TURBRO Extra Large Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heated Dog Bed for Large Breeds, Temperature & Timer Controller, Anti-Bite Cord, Removable Outer Cover, for Indoor & Outdoor Use, MET Certified, 48’’x28’’

Neighborhood Pet Heating Pad
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  • 🐾Generously Sized for Large Pets: The dimensions of TURBRO's heating pad is perfect for larger breeds like Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, and Saint Bernards. This spacious design ensures ample room for your pets to stretch out and bask in soothing warmth from head to paws.
  • 👌Versatile Comfort for All Conditions: Whether your pet is sick, pregnant, a newborn, or elderly, located in the garage or the living room, this heating pad provides unparalleled warmth and comfort.
  • 🔰7-layer Protection: The pet heating pad features robust safety features like a waterproof PVC layer, flame-retardant knit, and a UL-certified heating wire. Enjoy peace of mind with this MET-certified heating pad.
  • 💗Customized Care with Adjustable Warmth: With 6 heating levels ranging from 71°F to 95°F, this heating pad offers tailored warmth for your pet. The 4 timer options let you set the duration based on your pet's routine, preventing overheating and conserving energy.
  • 💪Durable and Chew-Resistant: The dual chew-resistant power cord and reinforced wire connection ensure your pet's safety. You can relax knowing your furry friend is safe, even if they have a curious chewing habit.
  • 💦Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze with the easily removable and machine-washable outer cover of the heating pad. Maintain a clean and hygienic space for your pet without any hassle.
  • 📣Friendly Reminder for Optimal Performance: To ensure the best heating performance, avoid folding the pad during use. While it's not advisable for pets to lie directly on the PVC layer, a simple wipe with a damp cloth keeps it clean. Please refrain from immersing the pad directly in water.












48 × 28 in

35 × 24 in

Rated Power



Heating Range



Timer Levels

4H / 8H / 12H / 24H

4H / 8H / 12H / 24H


AC 100~120 V 50/60Hz

AC 100~120 V 50/60Hz

Customer Reviews

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Kristi Martin
Dogs and cats love

This mat is one of my favorites because its large enough that more than one can lie on it comfortably and it has a control that allows a timer to be set or for it to just be left on. While the cord may be chew-proof, it is really annoying that I can't close the zipper all the way because the cord has to attach to the product from there, so my cats are constantly pulling the warming pad out of the cover. I used to put this on medium heat thinking it was pretty warm but all the kitties and puppies like laying on it even turned all the way up, I checked to make sure it wasn't way to warm and it isn't, they love it.

Jamie Straub
Neighborhood Pet Heating Pad

We have the large size heating pad for our two cats and our dog Sadie. They all love it! I never have to go look for them anymore because if they aren't by my side, they are relaxing on their heating mat. Now lets see if they can learn to share it!


This is a great product. 10 cats fit on it. Got it for the strays that live near by foe the winter

Jiel Moss


Rosie Crystal
Excellent Quality.

Really large size. Excellent control for heat and time. I use it in the crate during the winter for the puppy. Nice washable cover and the cord is covered for chew protection.