TURBRO Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit, Window Slide Kit Plate for Portable Air Conditioner, Adjustable Length Portable AC Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose of 6 Inch
Portable AC Vent Kit for 6" Exhaust Hose
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  • Keep Cool: With this vent kit your exhaust hose can vent outside so your portable air conditioner can cool more effectively.
  • Universal Adapter: Fits both clockwise and counterclockwise exhaust hoses no matter the thread direction, making it suitable for most portable air conditioners on the market.
  • Wide Compatibility: This TURBRO window vent kit works on both the horizontal and vertical window from 11-61 inches in length.
  • Durable Material: The vent kit is made from PVC material and comes with thickening seal tape to prevent hot air leakage from the outside.
  • Easy Installation: No drilling needed! Simply open the window and adjust the length so that the vent kit fits between the sliding window and the window frame.

Universal Coupler

Fits both clockwise and counterclockwise threaded hoses.

Durable PVC Material

Waterproof, UV-resistant material.

Extra-Thick Seal Tape

Prevent outside air from leaking into the room.

Installation Steps

Step 1

Install the screw and nut on the fixed plate and tighten (do not tight completely.) install the fixed plate to the adjustable plate by sliding the screw kit into the groove of the adjustable plate.

Step 2

Install the hose on the coupler, then attach the coupler to the plates. Match the coupler with the end of the plate and snap it into place.

Note: The exhaust hose is not included with this item.

Step 3

Attach the exhaust hose to the coupler on the portable air conditioner.

Step 4

Adjust the length of the window and insert it into place. After installing the plate kit, use the included tape to seal the gap between the window and the adjustable plate.

Kind Reminder:

  • Please check your hose outer diameter and make sure it is 5.9 inches, not 6 inches, before you purchase.


  • Model: V5515
  • Flexible Length:11 - 61 Inches
  • Suitable For Exhaust Hose: 5.9 Inch Clockwise/ Anti-Clockwise Exhaust Hose
  • Applicable Models: LG / Shinco / Gree / TOSOT / TURBRO / Aux / Haier /Honeywell/Black Decker /LG, etc.
  • Size (L x W x H): 24.41 * 15.75 * 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 1.33 lbs.

Window Requirements:

  1. Horizontal Window (Wide less than 61 Inches)
  2. Vertical Window (Length less than 61 Inches)

Package Includes:

  • 2 x 21.65 Inch Fixed Plate
  • 1 x 55 c Inch Adjustable Plate
  • 1 x Exhaust Hose Adapter
  • 1 x Sealing Tape
  • 3 x Screw Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steven G.
Works well so far but needed some install tweaks

As per instructions you have to cut this hardware to fit. I did and was fine. The attachment is a bit challenging having to twist very hard to fully seat the hose where I was concerned I might break it. Went ok and is holding up after a few install/remove cycles. The tabs that align and seat the window vent are fairly small and narrow so am concerned how robust this is and how long it will last. I’m being careful and for now results are good.

Sue S.
Worked for my needs

None of these are terrific because of the gaps, but this was easy to install and has worked well in my slider window.

Value for your money

I replaced my old air conditioner windows attachment I had it over 10 years, hopefully I get 10 more years out of this new one.♥️

Very good

Good product

Value for your money

I replaced my old air conditioner windows attachment I had it over 10 years, hopefully I get 10 more years out of this new one.♥️