Greenland 5.3Gal Commercial Humidifier
Greenland 5.3Gal Commercial Humidifier
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  • 💦[Eliminate Dry Air] With 4 atomizers and a powerful fan, the mist output of the Greenland GLH20 humidifier is up to 1000 ml per hour to fill up to 2000 sq. ft. of space with moisture in a short amount of time. More moisture helps soften cracked skin, soothe dry airways, and prevent static buildup.
  • 💦[Less Refilling] Equipped with a 5.2Gal / 20L water tank, the GLH20 can produce 25-40 hours of mist on a full tank. The split design of the GLH20 allows you easily add water from the top and avoid any leakage from the bottom.
  • 💦[Clean And Cool] Before pumping the water and turning it into mist, the filtration stone in the pump helps remove impurities from the water. An added UV-C light function eliminates harmful pollutants from the water to keep the mist clean and fresh.
  • 💦[Customized Comfort] The GLH20 can maintain humidity levels between 45%-90%. The 4-way nozzle accessory and extension tubes help spread the mist in every direction in your room. With three mist levels to choose from, you can take even more control by setting the unit to shut off automatically with the 12-hour timer.
  • 💦[Easy To Use] Change settings to your desired level with the full-function panel or the remote control. The display shows the ambient humidity and temperature to help you keep track of the surrounding environment. With its low-noise fan and auto-dimmed panel, the GLH20 humidifier won't disturb your sleep at night.
  • Note: Change the water regularly. Empty the water tank if you won’t use this unit for a long time.

Smart Comfort

Use the auto mode to maintain the ambient humidity between 40% - 70%. The mist level of the unit will change automatically to maintain a certain level of comfort and avoid over-humidification.

Ambient Light

6 light colors plus one auto-cycle mode provide you with a variety of choices to fit your mood and the surroundings.

12-Hour Timer

Set a timer and sleep at ease. The GLH20 humidifier will provide you with comfort at night or take care of greenhouse plants.

Filter Element Balls

The filter element balls absorb impurities in the water. This water filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.

Water Level Light

The clear window with a soothing light helps you see the water level in the tank even at night.

Universal Wheel

The four caster wheels increase the mobility of this large humidifier so you can easily move it from room to room for targeted humidifying.