What Makes The TURBRO Fireside Pluto R19 Smokeless Fire Pit Different

Fire pits can bring warmth and coziness to any outdoor space. With so many options, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. Let’s see what makes TURBRO Pluto R19 Smokeless Fire Pit unique and help you make an easy decision.

The nested design is the most significant difference between the TURBRO Pluto R19 and other brands' fire pits. Unlike a one-piece fire pit, the Pluto R19 is detachable, which makes it portable and easy to store when not in use.

It comes with four pieces - a flame ring, a top piece, a fire tray, and a bottom piece with foldable legs. Put them together and lock the top part to the bottom with a simple turn - you are ready to start a fire in a minute. The nested design makes the fire pit only 8.3” in height in the box and 19.5” when fully assembled, which saves a lot of space for car travel and storage.

Secondly, the Pluto R19 has a secondary combustion system. A dual-layer structure provides higher and longer air vent paths allowing for complete air contact with the wood for higher burning efficiency. The holes on the bottom increase air intake by 150%, which leads to more air in contact with the firewood to accelerate combustion. Part of the air is output from the upper air outlet holes and carries out the secondary burn on the upper layer.

Moreover, the Pluto R19 also comes with a star-shaped firewood tray. After trying many shapes during the design process, we found that the raised star design increases air contact with the fuel source leading to complete combustion in less time. The tray keeps firewood off the bottom of the pit so the firewood can have more contact with the air and burn more evenly without creating excessive smoke.

Last,, the Pluto R19 uses 304 stainless steel as the raw material. 304 stainless steel is durable, corrosion and oxidation resistant, and can endure average environmental exposure. Its melting point ranges from 2,550° F to 2,650° F, allowing it to withstand high temperatures. 304 stainless steel is also valued for its high tensile strength of about 621 MPa.

We believe that what we have tested and proved thousands of times makes TURBRO Pluto R19 the best choice for your new outdoor fire pit. In the future, we plan to test and introduce compatible accessories and more size options to enrich your outdoor living experience.


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