Maximizing Comfort: TURBRO Air Conditioner Accessory Usage Guide

Portable Air Conditioner Accessories

Insulated Hose Cover for Portable AC

The Insulated Hose Cover for Portable AC is a game-changer in maintaining optimal cooling efficiency. Compatible with exhaust hoses of 5" and 5.9" diameters, this cover prevents heat loss between the hose and the surrounding environment. By minimizing heat transfer, it ensures that your portable air conditioner operates at peak performance, cooling your space effectively while reducing energy consumption.

Portable AC Vent Kit 

Achieving a secure and efficient venting setup is essential for portable air conditioners. The Portable AC Vent Kit for 5" Exhaust Hose provides everything you need to establish a reliable venting system. With easy installation and compatibility with standard 5" exhaust hoses, this kit ensures proper airflow, maximizing cooling efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. There is also a 6” version available if your portable AC has a 6-inch exhaust hose setup. 

Exhaust Hose for Portable AC 

The exhaust hose is a vital component of any portable air conditioner, facilitating the removal of hot air from your space. TURBRO's Exhaust Hose for Portable AC, designed with a clockwise thread, ensures a secure connection between your air conditioner and the window venting kit. Its durable construction and precise fit allow for seamless operation, allowing you to enjoy consistent cooling performance. If you need the counter-clockwise threaded version, you can find that here

Window Security Lock Bar

Security is paramount, especially when venting your portable air conditioner through a window, as you will not be able to use the built-in locks on your window when venting your portable AC. The Window Security Lock Bar provides peace of mind by reinforcing window stability and preventing unauthorized access. Its adjustable design accommodates various window sizes, offering a secure solution without compromising ventilation or aesthetics.


Mini-Split Accessories


Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Bracket 

Installing a mini-split air conditioner requires sturdy support to ensure stability and safety. The Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Bracket for Mini Split AC provides a robust mounting solution, capable of supporting the weight of indoor and outdoor units. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this bracket offers durability and corrosion resistance, prolonging the lifespan of your mini-split system.

Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit

Concealing the refrigerant lines and cables of your mini-split system enhances the visual appeal of your space while protecting vital components from external elements. The Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit offers a sleek and discreet solution for your home’s exterior. With easy customization and installation, this kit adds a polished finish to your mini-split installation while ensuring long-term durability.

90° Flat Elbow Part, Line Cover Set for Split AC

Navigating corners and tight spaces during mini-split installation can be challenging without the right accessories. The 90° Flat Elbow Line Cover Set for Split AC simplifies the process, allowing for smooth transitions around corners and obstacles. Its low-profile design maintains a clean and unobtrusive appearance, ensuring a professional finish to your installation.


16/25 Ft. Line Set for Mini Split Air Conditioner 

The line set is the conduit through which refrigerant flows between a mini-split system's indoor and outdoor units. TURBRO's 16 Ft. Line Set, featuring 1/4" and 3/8" copper pipes with insulation, ensures efficient heat exchange and refrigerant flow. With included fittings for hassle-free installation, this line set simplifies the setup process, allowing you to enjoy a reliable cooling performance.



With TURBRO's comprehensive range of air conditioner accessories, optimizing your cooling setup has never been easier. From portable air conditioners to mini-split systems, these accessories are designed to enhance efficiency, convenience, and comfort. Whether you want to improve venting performance, ensure secure installation, or enhance aesthetics, TURBRO has you covered. 

By incorporating TURBRO's air conditioner accessories into your cooling setup, you can optimize performance, enhance aesthetics, and enjoy greater comfort in your living or working space. Whether dealing with scorching summers or year-round warmth, these accessories are designed to make your cooling experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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