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Window Security Lock Bar
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SECURE WINDOWS: If intruders see this security bar they will soon realize your house is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. After installing this security bar there will be no way to open your window from the outside. 

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: TURBRO security bars can be adjusted from 7.5-14 inches using the 9 predrilled holes for adjustment. Create a tight fit with no room for shaking loose by adjusting the screw on the end of the security bar for a secure fit. 

SLIDING DOOR PROTECTION: If you like to leave your sliding door open for ventilation the TURBRO security bar will keep you safe. It can also be used with pet door inserts so your furry friends have the freedom to come and go as they choose.

EASY INSTALLATION: Simply extend the rod to your window length, lock the stainless steel peg into place, and use the included wrench to adjust the screw on the end for a perfect fit. 

BEFORE PURCHASE: Make sure your window/door track is at least 1 inch wide and your maximum opening is between 7.5-14 inches. The bar will work best when used on single-hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, or patio doors. 

The TURBRO adjustable security lock bar gives you peace of mind knowing that your do cannot be opened from the outside. Potential intruders will not be able to enter your home while thieves will be unable to steal the air conditioner hanging out of your window. The TURBRO stainless steel security bar is easy to install and is much more secure than other sliding security bars due to the peg and hole locking mechanism. You can rest easy tonight knowing that TURBRO has got your windows and doors on lockdown. 

Package Includes:

  • 1× Security Bar
  • 2× Adhesive Strip 
  • 1× Mini Wrench