FAQs on Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces


What are the installation measurements required for framing the wall correctly?

For Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces, including models INF50W-3D, INF60W-3D, INF72W-3D, there are two installation options: wall-mounted and recessed. The necessary wall and opening dimensions differ between these methods. We strongly recommend confirming the compatible dimensions for your space before making a purchase. Below are the dimension requirements for all sizes of the wall-mounted heater for both installation methods. Additionally, ensure a minimum clearance of 8 inches from the top of the heater to the ceiling/TV for safety purposes.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace User Manual PDF




50.0”(L) x 18.0”(H) x 4.6”(D)

60.0”(L) x 18.0”(H) x 4.6”(D)

72.0”(L) x 18.0”(H) x 4.6”(D)


49.5 lbs

58.0 lbs

84.9 lbs

Wall-Mounted At least 6'' to the floorLeave at least 8'' space on the top At least 6'' to the floorLeave at least 8'' space on the top At least 6'' to the floorLeave at least 8'' space on the top
Recessed Into A Wall/Mantel L: 47.95'' / 1218mmH: 16.25'' / 413mmW: 4.5'' / 114mm L: 57.95'' / 1472mmH: 16.25'' / 413mmW: 4.5'' / 114mm L: 69.95'' / 1776mmH: 16.25'' / 413mmW: 4.5'' / 114mm


What are the electrical requirements for the wall-mounted electric fireplace? Can it be plugged into a regular outlet?

The power supply for this fireplace is designed for use with 120-volt outlets only. It requires a 15-amp, 120-volt, 60 Hz circuit with a properly grounded outlet to ensure safe and efficient operation. It's important to note that using an incompatible outlet may result in the circuit breaker tripping or fuse blowing during operation.

The unit comes with a cord length of 5.9 ft, providing flexibility in positioning. Please ensure you have a wall outlet within the appropriate distance to accommodate the cord length and meet the electrical requirements mentioned above. This ensures optimal performance and safety of the electric fireplace unit. Extension cords or power strips should not be used with this or any other type of electric heater. 

Can the wall-mounted electric fireplace be used outdoors?

Our wall-mounted electric fireplace is designed for indoor use only, as stated in our user manual. It is not suitable for outdoor use due to potential exposure to elements such as rain and dust, which can compromise its safety and performance.

However, if you wish to place the fireplace in a covered patio area, it is essential to ensure adequate protection from water and dust. We advise against direct exposure to rain or moisture to prevent any damage to the unit. Please adhere to the indoor use recommendations to maintain the functionality and longevity of the electric fireplace.


Parts Inquiry

Can I buy a replacement power button decal?

This decal is meant to be removed, and removing it will not affect the functionality of the unit. There's no need to purchase a replacement for it. You can proceed with confidence knowing that the removal of the decal is intended and will not impact the performance of your electric fireplace.

Screw Sizes (BB and CC)

  • BB Screw Size: 4*38mm
  • CC Screw Size: 4*6mm

All screws needed for the installation are included in the package. If you lost them and require replacement screws, you can check with your local hardware store using these specifications. Additionally, we've attached a picture of the actual screws for your reference. Please ensure to match the sizes accurately when sourcing replacements.

How to use

Can I activate the flames without the heat and the crackling noise?

Yes, you have the option to use the flame effect independently without activating the heating mode or the crackling sound. When the flame effect is turned on, you can press the crackling button to toggle through various levels of the crackling sound, including the option to turn it off completely. Please refer to the attached image for a visual representation of the crackling sound settings.

Does the fireplace work in collaboration with your television, such as being voice-activated or syncing flames with TV content?

The smart WiFi functionality of the fireplace primarily supports voice control through platforms like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. However, it's important to clarify that the flame effects of the fireplace are not synchronized with the content on your TV. Voice commands typically cover basic functions like powering the unit on/off. You can utilize the app or Alexa to control various functions of the fireplace, including flame effects, heating temperature, and timer settings.

Can you provide information on each model's heating capacity in terms of square footage?

In terms of heating capacity, all three sizes of our electric fireplaces offer similar performance, capable of heating an area ranging from 400 to 1000 square feet. This heating performance remains consistent across different sizes. Therefore, we recommend selecting the size that best suits your space requirements.

Does the Turbro electric fireplace come with a wall mount, or does the customer need to purchase one separately?

The electric fireplace comes with mounting brackets, but it's important to note that they are not designed for a regular flush wall mount. The provided brackets are specific to the installation of the fireplace unit and may differ from traditional wall mounting brackets. Please refer to the attached image of the brackets for your reference.

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