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What is the capacity of the water tank of GLP05AC/GLP06AC?
It’s about 13.5 oz(0.4 L).
What is the specification of the drain hose?
1/2 inch. You can purchase a 1/2 PVC hose instead.
How can I get another window panel kit?
Portable AC
Mini Split AC
What is the capacity of the water tank of GLP05AC/GLP06AC?
It’s about 13.5 oz(0.4 L).
What is the specification of the drain hose?
1/2 inch. You can purchase a 1/2 PVC hose instead.
How can I get another window panel kit?
Please contact the customer service at
How can I connect it to WiFi? - Model: GLP10AC-SMART
  • Plug the machine into a wall socket and ensure that it's in standby mode.
  • To activate the WIFI function, press and hold the "↓" (down arrow) and "fan speed" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Then the screen will display ON. (the 02 & 03 buttons in the screenshot attached).
  • Once ON is displayed, use the APP to connect the machine manually. Refer to this link for a video tutorial on connecting the machine under AP Mode and follow the steps to connect it to your phone.


The left side part shows the operation of the unit. And the right side part shows the screen of the phone using the app.



Does the exhaust hose need to be connected?
Yes, the hot air produced by the machine will be emitted to the outdoors through the exhaust hose. Otherwise, the cooling performance is not as expected.
What should I do with the “FL” error code(Full tank)?
Please empty the water from the water tank and then restart the machine by unplugging and plugging it back. Then wait for about a few minutes, and the machine will work again. If it keeps showing the “FL” code, please connect the drain hose or contact our customer service at
Why there is an odor/strange smell?
It is recommended to remove the filter from the back and clean the filter.
Does the unit come with window fittings and a drain attachment hose?
Yes, a window panel kit and a drainage hose are included in the package. The window panel consists of 3 pieces and can be adjusted from 10 to 59 inches to fit your window. Since the minimum length of the main window panel is 20.5 inches, if the width of your window is smaller than that, just remove the adjustment panel and cut the window panel to fit a window from 10 to 20.5 inches. In addition, our window panel kit is designed to fit horizontal or vertical sliding windows only. If you use casement windows, you will need to get a window seal kit to keep the window tightly sealed.
Can I use an extension cord?
For safety precautions, we do not recommend using any power strip or extension cord with our machines. However, if it is necessary to use an extension cord, please ensure the extension cord is properly rated to avoid electrical overload. Also, do not plug other appliances into the same outlet simultaneously. It is important to check the power cord after the first hour of use to ensure that it is not overheating or showing any signs of damage. If you notice any overheating or other abnormalities, immediately unplug and stop using it. Please be aware that using an extension cord will void the original warranty, and we will not be responsible for any accidents or incidents that may occur due to the use of an extension cord.
How can I change the temperature scale to Fahrenheit/Celsius?
Greenland Model: Please hold the Increase Button and the Decrease Button at the same time for 3s. Finnmark Model: Please hold the Mode Button for 3s.
What do I need to install the Mini Split?

Tool list:

  • bubble level
  • drill with a 70mm hole saw
  • torque wrench
  • 4.4mm diameter screwdriver
  • power cord
  • spanner
  • vacuum pump
  • manifold


What are the specifications of the refrigeration pipe/copper line of Greenland/Finnmark model?

Greenland Model: 

  • 12K115V/12K230V: 1/4’’ & 3/8’’, 16.5 ft;
  • 18K230V: 1/4’’ & 1/2’’, 16.5 ft.


Finnmark Model:

  • FM9K115/FM9K230/FM12K115/FM12K230: 1/4’’ & 3/8’’, 13.1 ft;
  • FM18K230: 1/4’’ & 1/2’’, 13.1 ft
  • FM24K230: 1/4‘’ & 5/8‘’, 13.1 ft
Are the refrigerant lines pre-charged and fitted with quick connects? Or it is just the compressor pre-charged?
The refrigerant is only pre-charged in the evaporator. The refrigerant lines are not precharged or fitted with quick connects. Our refrigerant pre-charged in the indoor unit is to detect whether the refrigerant pipe is leak-free. This part of the refrigerant will be released in the process the installation. You will need to do the vacuum to make the system run properly.
What should I do with the “P4” error code?
“P4” means the outdoor is experiencing high temperature. Please check your outdoor unit is installed correctly and that no blockage may affect the heat dissipation of the unit.
How do I connect it to WiFi? - Greenland Model
To begin, try disconnecting the unit's power cord (the one connecting the indoor unit and the plug) for about one minute before plugging it back in. "CF" should appear on the display once you reconnect the power cord. A. The app will likely start scanning for nearby devices as soon as you open it. Once your device is found, you can proceed to connect to it. B. In case the App does not detect your device automatically, choose "Split Air Conditioner" and initiate a manual connection. You'll be asked to enter your Wi-Fi network name and password to establish the connection. C. If you're unable to connect manually, attempt the following steps: 1. Ensure that the unit is switched on (it should not be in standby mode) 2. Within an 8-second window, press the "display" button six times using the remote control. The screen should then show "AP". 3. Launch the app and choose AP mode to set up the connection. (see below screenshot)