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Good Equipment

Free replacement of a broken fan blade.

arrived in disgusting condition

showed up broken in many places and was DIRTY. had hair, tape, dirt, and dust all over it. the unit works fine, but i was appalled at the condition. not worth the discount AT ALL.

Doesn't work

There's only one problem with my AC and one problem only - it doesn't work.

Customer service

I couldn't find the part I needed on the website, called their customer service and got great communication, fast service and the part I needed within a few day. I HIGHLY recommend this company

Love it

With the help of my insulated hallway curtain this thing keeps my room cool so far when it is 83, i'll be back when its 90+ and see how it holds up

The unit is fine. Customer service not so much.

The first unit came damaged and did not work at all. Then I had to fight with customer service to get a replacement. Sending videos and proof back-and-forth that it was damaged. They even made me take it apart to verify that the wiring was intact. Very frustrating. Plus, they are located in China so it took even longer. When the second unit came, it was damaged but worked OK. They gave me 20% off. Not worth the hassle.


I wanted the first replacement of the filter, and in a word…perfect!

I replaced it for next fall and it fits like a glove.

Now we’ll be able to get ready for cooler and dry temperatures (Don’t forget to clean the unit before it).

Thanks TURBRO!

Robert B.

As far as I know

As far as I know after less than a month, the exhaust hose is fine.

Broken A/C

It worked for a week and it has been broken for 5 days now

Hi there, we are sorry to hear that your Greenland 14,000 BTU Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner has stopped working after a week of use. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please reach out to our customer service team at so we can assist you with getting your A/C fixed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Really works well!! Much cheaper to cool the bedroom at night, than using the Central AC!!

I’m very happy with this air conditioner. It cools my lanai nicely!

Works great!

I've used this for 3 years and still works great! A little noisy but I'm ok with that as it keeps the whole upstairs of my house cool.

Works great

I was skeptical when I replaced my Commercial Cool brand that died. This bad boy cools and heats very well.

Can’t stop using this fireplace, it is perfect for my office space that gets very cold sometimes. It warms it up in matter of minutes and it turns off on its own periodically to keep it functioning optimally. Highly recommended!

Great Customer Service

I want to commend this company for handling my concern, not only immediately, but in quality fashion. Thank you for bringing back my faith in customer contact!


I have a unit, model number GLP05AC worked great, went to move it and one of the cheap plastic casters broke, the units need to be level to work properly, I called the company on Wednesday, the person said they would get back to me by email in 12 hours, that email never came, I called on Thursday, they said someone will get back to me later that day, I get no phone calls, no email ,NOTHING. I called 730 am on Friday ask to talk to the manager, they said the manager is not in but will be in at 9 am, I called at 920 am and was told the manager, Nichole is not available. And will call me back, SAME THING I HAVE BEEN TOLD FOR 2 DAYS, this is a cheap part, that is unavailable on their website, their customer service is the worst I have ever delt with. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

14000 btu

It's been a great a.c but the hot weather is still to come its not over 100 yet I'll survey again after the 120s this summer

Won't pair with heater

It is the same as our original but it refuses to work with the heater....

I love it. It warms up the room quickly and I saved a lot on my heating bill.



Decided to keep this cooler/heater after all and it is working great. Thank you.


The first unit was making a sound like the crackling but when the crackling was off and only the lights were on. We decided to see if that was a malfunction or what. I reached out to Turbro customer support at night and that same night had a response with a new unit shipped out. That unit came broken, would not turn on. (We think it was dropped during shipping, the box was damaged and front spring on the unit was popping out) They immediately wrote back and shipped another.

Love all the different light functions. We love the crystals. Great smart fireplace! Great customer service! Highly recommend them!

Fireplace remote

Works great. Love it!

Good Unit

It works very well, a little noisy while
running at high fan but ok.