TURBRO Finnmark 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan, 3-in-1 Floor AC Unit for Rooms up to 400 Sq Ft, Sleep Mode, Timer, Remote Included (6,000 BTU SACC)

Finnmark 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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Fast Cooling

TURBRO 10,000 BTU (6,000 BTU 2017 New DOE) air conditioner provides powerful cooling for up to 400 square feet of bedrooms, dorms, offices, garages, etc. Select the turbo function to engage maximum cooling and fan speed when you come home to quickly drop down the room temperature.


Unique Controls

Control your home temperature with the Finnmark air conditioner easily like a racing driver controls his car. Inspired by cars, the innovative knob design offers a soft feel while it can also accurately set the temperature and time you prefer. Meanwhile, the built-in large LED display allows you to know the settings at a glance.


Sleeping Mode

The LED screen light will turn off in sleep mode, and the function indicator remaining will only adjust to half-bright. With the humanized sleep mode allows you to sleep more comfortably without worrying about being disturbed by the light.


Water Full Reminder

Automatically water full reminder, when the built-in water tank is full, the display will automatically display "FL" reminder, which is more convenient to clean the water tank in time

Easy Movement

The four caster wheels increase the mobility of this air conditioner so you can easily move it from room to room for targeted spot cooling. Although it has two handles, you won’t need to lift this heavy unit on most occasions.

Reusable Filter

The washable filter is designed to prevent dust and pet hair from entering the unit. To keep the appliance working efficiently, we recommend cleaning the filter every 3 months.

ETL & R32 ECO Certificates

Finnmake is passed the ETL safety certificate and is cooling by R32, which is a new Eco refrigerant that efficiently carries heat out of your home and has a lower environmental impact.



Finnmark FM05K

Finnmark FM06K

Power Supply

800 W

890 W

Rated Input

115 V

115 V

Rated Current

7 A

7.8 A

Temperature Range

61-90 °F

61-90 °F

Dehumidity Volume

43 Pints/day

73 Pints/day

Power Cord Length

6 Feet

6 Feet

Safety Approval

ETL Listed; R32

ETL Listed; R32


34.4 x 15 x 14 in.

34.4 x 15 x 14 in.

Coverage Area

Up to 300 ft²

Up to 400 ft²

Noise Level

<54 dB

<54 dB

Package Included

Finnmark Portable Air conditioner,

Remote Control;

Exhaust Hose Set;

Window Panel Kits

Finnmark Portable Air conditioner,

Remote Control;

Exhaust Hose Set;

Window Panel Kits

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Eunice Chang
Hot summer must have!!!

I am so glad I got this portable AC unit! It’s been extremely hot in Houston this summer and it sure comes in handy. I love how quiet it is and have a sleep mode that helps the noise. I also like it can be used as a dehumidifier and fan! Easy installation! Definitely recommend!!!

Cool, man! Cool!

Maybe the word "cold" would be more appropriate.

Never had one of these, but so glad I got this. It pumps out more cold air than I expected...and you don't have to mess around with hanging it out a window. For me, the advantage of this over a window AC is less work to install and easy maneuverability.

It's supposed to keep the air cool in rooms up to 400 square feet. In my case, it's doing a great job of cooling 600 square feet. And, that's on a 90 degree day!

Besides conditioning air, you can use this simply as a fan, or as a dehumidifier. A tube for drainage is not needed unless you have it in the dehumidify mode. The controls are easy to use whether on the device itself or via the remote control.

Installation was very easy...place panels in the window, attach a couple of pieces to the exhaust hose, then attach hose to window panel and AC. Plug it in, turn it on, sit back and cool off.

An extra benefit for me is the relatively small footprint of this device. I have a very small house, small rooms, and this doesn't take up as much space as some similar devices. When measuring for your situation, don't forget to include six inches of space behind the AC for the exhaust hose.

Highly recommended!

John Shaw
Nice cold air

I only get Vine items that I plan to use personally and I do a fair review based on my assessment and use of the product. I leave 1 star up to 5 stars if I really like the product and didn't find any issues with it.

I got this TURBRO Finnmark 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for my son's room since it gets hotter in there even with central air. So far this unit is working great. It cools down very fast and was easy to install. I also like that it is pretty quiet. I did have to put a little drain bucket behind it to catch the water, but that's no big deal. Air conditioners take water out of the air after all. :)

I hope this TURBRO Finnmark Portable Air Conditioner lasts us a long time, but I will update my review should I have any trouble with it in the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this review, the video, and the pictures helpful in making a purchasing decision.

Works great. Great price point. Simple set up. Lights are very bright at night.

I got this portable AC to use in a room that has a weird little laundry room window that slides to the side. It doesn't open big enough to put in a window unit, and it's the only window in the room. I've bought other portable AC units for this room and paid quite a bit more, and they weren't nearly as good of quality as this one is.

This unit works great and fast. I love the remote, and I usually don't care about remotes with these things. However, this one has a digital display, and has very clearly marked functions for each button. The controls on the unit are also easy to understand and read.

The louvers on the front are manual, you can open and close as you like. It has two filter screens on the back, you just take them out and rinse them. It has two drain ports. You can drain immediately or store it up and then drain it. The instructions say that it automatically evaporates it's own condensation out the window tube, so there shouldn't be much need to drain manually. The midpoint drain is for the constant drain through a dedicated tube. The drain on the bottom is for draining accumulation into a bin. The drain on the bottom will require you to put the unit up higher. I have in the past used a step stool with my other units. This one has been running 24 hours and shows no sign of needing drained.

The controls on the top control power, temp., fan speed, mode and timer. You can choose F or C. You can use the AC, dehumidifier or fan. The temp. is a digital knob you twist. The buttons all light up as does the knob. The only complaint I have about this unit is that the lights, especially the knob, are so bright, they're like beacons at night. They're so bright I have to cover them up with a thick cloth or they keep everyone in that room awake. I can't find a setting to turn the lights off.

The back of the unit attaches to an exhaust hose. That's where the hot air escapes. It has three sliding panels that connect, to fit into your window frame. You close your window onto them to hold them in place. The tube connects to the panels and exhausts out the window. The panels and tube are plastic. They're well made and I had no problem making them work in my weird window. I only needed two of the panels. It also comes with cheap foam stripping to ensure a good seal.

It's on rollers, so it's easy to move once the tube is disconnected, and it does have some small amount of movement range while still connected to the tube.

I would absolutely recommend this unit. It's worked better and been an easier setup than the past three portable AC units I've owned.

Carole Hoffas
Very Good Choice

The Turbro air conditioner was not only a good price, it is very quiet. It was easy to install and we are very happy with our purchase