TURBRO Tabletop Ethanol Fuel Fire Pit, Portable Alcohol Fireplace Bowl for Indoor, Patio, Outdoor, Balcony, Smokeless Odorless Clean Burning, Modern Decor, Cement, Fireside FP14CG
Cement Tabletop Fire Pit - Cement Gray
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  • 🔥Hassle-Free Fire: Gas fireplaces produce strong odors while wood fireplaces create smoke and ash. TURBRO firepits use clean-burning ethanol alcohol which is smokeless and fume-free so you can enjoy a fire without messy cleanup or affecting air quality. 
  • 🔥Indoor/Outdoor: With clean-burning ethanol fuel, you can use this tabletop firepit to create smores indoors or an outdoor table to set the perfect nighttime ambiance without starting a fire with wood or cleaning up ashes. 
  • 🔥Simple To Use: Add fuel, light, and enjoy. The fuel pot can be filled with 8.5oz of fuel for up to 60 minutes of flame. When done, use the included fire extinguisher lid to smother the flames. 
  • 🔥S’mores Maker: Who doesn’t love warm, gooey s’mores? Cook your marshmallow over the flames to golden-brown perfection, place it between graham crackers with a little chocolate, and enjoy. You’ll be the star of your next dinner party.
  • 🔥Safety First: Don’t try to move the firepit or add more fuel while it is in use. Use >96.6% ethanol alcohol fuel if used indoors. If you use isopropyl alcohol, only use it outdoors and away from flammable surfaces. 
  • Note: Do not use water to extinguish the fire. Use the included extinguisher to put out the flame. Or use an utterly soaked cloth to put out the fire.