Stainless Steel Tabletop Fire Pit - Black Nickel
Stainless Steel Tabletop Fire Pit - Black Nickel
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  • 🔥Hassle-Free Fire: Gas fireplaces produce strong odors while wood fireplaces create smoke and ash. TURBRO firepits use clean-burning ethanol alcohol which is smokeless and fume-free so you can enjoy a fire without messy cleanup or affecting air quality. 
  • 🔥Indoor/Outdoor: With clean-burning ethanol fuel, you can use this tabletop firepit to create smores indoors or an outdoor table to set the perfect nighttime ambiance without starting a fire with wood or cleaning up ashes. 
  • 🔥Simple To Use: Add fuel, light, and enjoy. The fuel pot can be filled with 8.5oz of fuel for up to 60 minutes of flame. When done, use the included fire extinguisher lid to smother the flames. 
  • 🔥S’mores Maker: Who doesn’t love warm, gooey s’mores? Cook your marshmallow over the flames to golden-brown perfection, place it between graham crackers with a little chocolate, and enjoy. You’ll be the star of your next dinner party.
  • 🔥Safety First: Don’t try to move the firepit or add more fuel while it is in use. Use >96.6% ethanol alcohol fuel if used indoors. If you use isopropyl alcohol, only use it outdoors and away from flammable surfaces. 
  • Note: Do not use water to extinguish the fire. Use the included extinguisher to put out the flame. Or use an utterly soaked cloth to put out the fire.

Customer Reviews

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Great gift!

Such an amazing gift. It's a little over a foot long and 5-6 inches wife so that makes it convenient for smaller spaces. It calls for 96% isopropyl alcohol but I used 50% and it still worked great. The fire was still hot and burned for about an hour. It comes with the cotton and the accessory to put out the fire.
It's a beautiful piece of decor and am very excited to have it in my home.

sumo king
This is like a work of art but they beg you not to use indoors!

I have many table top fire pits and this one is different than most, works different than most, is the largest, and it looks like a work of art. Another thing that’s different is that this is the only tabletop fire pit that burns alcohol that the company begs you not to burn indoors. That’s a first for me. One thing is this entire pit is made out of black stainless steel except for the two glass pieces and the four feet bolts and the nuts they screw into. This pit is not solid. It’s basically a shell with no bottom. The top of the pit is 7 1/16” wide, 13 ¾” long. The bottom is 3 1/8” wide, 9 ¾” long, and the pit is 3 3/8” tall. The outer part of the burn chamber (not including flanges) is 8 ½” long, 2” wide, and 1 ½” deep. The inner part of the burn chamber is 5 7/16” long, 1 ¼” wide, 1 3/8” deep, and has four holes in both sides and eight holes in the bottom to allow fuel to maintain the same level of fuel throughout the entire burn chamber. There is also one, 4 ½” long, 2” wide, and very thin piece of ceramic fiber cotton wick sponge in that part of the burn chamber. They also include a 6 11/16” long, 1 ¾” wide flame extinguisher with a 7 ¾” handle. The two glass panes are 3 ½” wide, 11 3/8” long, and 3/16” thick and slides easily into the two slots on the top of the pit. They give you a small silicone “glove” to use to handle hot items if necessary and a nice, letter sized, actual instruction guide that’s printed large enough so you can see and read it. They should get 5 stars just for that alone for caring for their product and their customers enough to do so. That’s Awesome!!! This pit is engineered good, manufactured good, built out of good material. Somebody actually put some thought into this which I think is rare these days. I don’t think you will regret your purchase!
5 stars all the way!!!

Mozzie W.
Beautiful little tabletop fire pit!

I love, love, love this little tabletop fire pit! It took less than 1 minute to assemble. It came very securely packaged with clear instructions outlining all the do’s and don’ts for use. It is recommended to use 96.6% ethanol alcohol so that’s what I used! I recommend purchasing the ethanol alcohol from Amazon, rather than driving all over town trying to find some.

I can’t wait for summer to arrive here in the Midwest. This will be such a nice addition to my deck! Love it! This would be a great wedding, birthday, or housewarming gift!

Wonderful rectangular firepit, but a few things to be aware of.

This is a unique little fire pit. It's rectangular, which I do quite like. However, being that it's kinda like an upside down pyramid in the form of a rectangle with a flat bottom that is skinnier than the top and the fact that it feels like it is hollow aircraft aluminum maybe? I would have appreciated it being more "heavy" so it's more stable. I don't like the fact that my puppy can knock it around easily enough that he could knock it off the table accidentally without even trying. The glass walls that slot in on the long sides on the top are a nice touch. I would have liked having walls on four sides though which would've been cool. Especially if they were like a hazy kinda thing or crystal cut type of design so you could get the ambiance of the reflected and refracted light from the flame would have been way cool!!

Overall though, If you don't have to worry about someone or something knocking it around when you're not right next to it and you aren't a klutz when it comes to knocking things over, I think it's a fantastic lil pit and I've roasted S'mores a many over this thing since I got it!

Tabletop Firepit

It came on time with all the components and it's so cute. It's sleek and modern looking, very portable and small enough to fit on top of a dinner tray. I haven't fired it up, I'll update my review when I do.