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WE like this AC. It cools our area quickly. The sound is tolerable and we have adjusted to it. WE used to have another manufacturer that was slightly more quiet. I would get this one again.

It’s super quiet and awesome at moving the air

New line cover

Good product needed two to complete the job.

Extremely loud KNOCKING! Yikes!!!

I’ve already sent a review of my awful experience with this machine. Please either refund me, or replace this machine. I have read other bad reviews of this portable air conditioner, with similar experience. Have these other unsatisfied buyers been taken care of? I haven’t seen ANY follow-up reviews, after YOUR responses.

Good and sturdy

I like that the wall mount is small and not overbearing while certainly strong enough to hold the likes of the condenser. I, at first, mounted with top and bottom bolts which was certainly strong enough for the weight of the condenser but flexed when I hundreds my big rear-end off of it. I appreciate that the mount is stainless which should hold up to adverse weather. I just hope fasteners are stainless as well... time will tell. The mount certainly does what it is supposed to do.

Works Good! Could use a little better temp control.

It could use a thermostat located away from the wall unit. Up high in the room it's at set temp but the floor is much cooler(I know cold air sinks) but having a thermostat located at mid wall away from the unit would better control the temp more evenly across the room. Other than that, I'm tickled with this AC system. Now to await the electric bill... and see if I'm still tickled when it comes.

I need to speak with customer service. I bought 3 batteries from your company. 1 battery is defective. I tried to return it but the package comes up for the whole fan I bought from you. Please have someone call me about this as soon as possible at [****]. Thanks.


I have not received my fireplace yet!! It has been way too long!!!

Greenland 14,000 BTU Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner - Black

Sometime hard to connect with fire place monitoring systems

Hope this replacement works longer than the original

Mister fan

It provided a temperature drop to a comfortable range within 10 feet of the fan. The temp was over 100 degrees where we were sitting. So, yes, we will use the mister fan a lot on our patio area. We like it.

Great airconditioner

So far so cool! Great unit, love the thermostat auto cool. Time will tell but love it so far!

Very happy with this purchase

Bought this unit to take on a camping trip. Picked the AirSupply MS12 after reading through tons of reviews. It was more expensive than I originally planned to spend, but after using this for several days while camping, I super happy that I bought this model. I purchased an extra battery, in order to have one always charging. The fan is quiet, the misters work perfectly, the water tank is large, and the battery lasts for hours. It's a heavy-duty unit, and breaks down nicely to transport.

Just what we needed

This is what we needed as our original exhaust hose failed. It was hard finding a clockwise hose and these folks had one.

Suburbs TS17Q Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

Compact, cute. Arrived early with free shipping. Great customer service. This is a zero tolerance, zero clearance, Franklin stove without the smoke, ash, stove pipe. The faux fire mechanism has a mild hum. A clicking sound when the heater clicks ON & OFF, along with some fan noise. The most efficient Franklin stove I have ever owned. And I have owned several, including the Duraflame original.

seem to be great units

Units was shipped fast and delivered by the carrier undamaged. They did not need a loading dock or lift gate like some companies want to charge you extra for. I bought 2 units of the same size. Installed the first maybe 3 weeks ago and it works great. Installed the second yesterday and it came on without a hitch. I have not tried the wifi out yet. Cannot comment on that. The units was shipped with linesets etc. The notes will be you will need tools such as vacuum pump, drill etc. The second is you will need to double flair if you cut the tubing. I will state I vacuumed the units to about 70 micron it decayed to about 120 and I held it for about 24 hrs. I then pressure tested to about 540 psi with dry nitrogen and held it with 24 hrs. I then vacuumed the units again to about 250 this time. They decayed to about 350 after 24 hrs. I then released the refrigerant and they held and worked fine. Bottom line they seem like solid units. I would recommend.

Seem to be great units

Bought 2 of these units. Installed the first about 3 weeks ago. It works great and installed the 2nd yesterday. It came on without a hitch. They had a great price, fast shipping and in undamaged package. Everything needed was included such as the tubing etc. 2 notes, you will need the tools to install this with such as a vacuum pump drill etc. Second is if you cut the tubing, it is a good idea to double flair it.

Turbro 14 misting fan and rechargeable battery

Great product. Terrific customer service. Friendly, accommodating and professional.

Broke an hour after starting it

Had it shipped to me, got it out of the box and left it sit for a day before plugging it in and using it. When I did use it, an hour later it started making an awful noise. I didn’t even get took hook it up to the WiFi yet :(

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your experience with our Greenland 14,000 BTU Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner. We understand how frustrating it must be to have a product break down so soon after receiving it.

Our team would like to make this right for you. Please reach out to us at so we can assist you with a replacement or refund.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to have the opportunity to turn your experience around.

TURBRO Customer Service Team

Great Customer Service

We really like our smart fireplace. Interfaced with Alexa and iPad easily. A minor issue was resolved quickly and completely by Turbro’s customer service. Very happy with the price.

Great product, great customer service!

Very happy with my Greenland AC unit. It's the best looking unit on the market and really does the cooling job. Customer service is fantastic - a rarity these days! I have two units and will buy again. Highly recommend.

No coolant

The unit shipped with barely any coolant, so the unit operates, but does not cool. It displays a P3 error after 10 minutes of operation.
I had the unit it installed by an electrician AND a HVAC tech so I am confident in the installation.
I contacted TURBRO to see if they would ship more coolant and was informed that if the unit was not faulty, there is no warranty issue and I would have to seek relief from Home Depot.

So…the purchase was easy. The installation went well. The unit operates, but it doesn’t cool.

Future buyers: if the unit you purchase has coolant, you should be happy with your product.
If it is low, you are on your own.
TURBRO customer service is quick to respond, I will give them credit for that.

Seems to be up to the job

Good installation and seems to really blow cool air. Summer heat coming will tell. Will follow up.

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