TURBRO Set of 2 Stanchion Retractable Barrier, 35.5-Inch Height, 6.5-Foot Nylon Belt with Secure Lock, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Easy Installation, Ideal for Industrial Commercial Lines, Red Belt
Helmsman UST10 Stainless Steel Stanchion
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Nylon belt with double springs

The double-spring mechanism of the UST10 stanchion helps release and retract the nylon belt more smoothly so it lasts longer..


Safety Belt Lock

No need to worry about the belt being detached. The safety belt lock structure keeps the belt fastened and prevents accidental belt retraction.


4-way Connectable

Each stanchion has 3 belt receptacles to be connectable to other stanchions. Each one can connect to four posts for flexible and commercial use.


Solid Welded Screw

The 0.67-inch diameter screw in the base. The large screw welded in the base allows the whole stanchion to be attached firmly. All you need to do is install the rod to the base.


U-Shaped Design

The U-shaped design helps save space and makes your place feel ordered and spacious. The flocking cloth on the bottom reduces friction damage to the ground and the base.


Steady and Durable Base

The heavy-duty base of the stanchion allows it to stand upright on the ground like a tumbler.


      • Belt Length: 6.56 ft/ 78.74 in
      • Belt Width: 1.8 in
      • Base Type: Cast Iron + 201 Stainless Steel
      • Post Material: Cast Iron + 201 Stainless Steel
      • Post Finish/Color: Silver
      • Overall Height: 2.96 ft / 35.55 in
      • Base Diameter: 1.18 ft / 14.2 in
      • Post Diameter: 2.0 in
      • Weight: 17.1 lb
      • User Manual: Click Here


Customer Reviews

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E. W.
The nicest I’ve ever used

I am much too excited about these stanchions, but I truly do love them. I volunteer and help organize a lot of events at my kids’ school, and a more experienced event organizer told me we needed stanchions. We’ve had some events with really long, unruly lines this year, and it’s time to get them under control. I picked up two stanchions earlier this year, before finding these. I wish I had seen these first because they are perfect!

Compared to the other stanchions I’ve used, these have flatter bases and are still very sturdy. They are less of a stubbed-toe danger. The silver is beautifully shiny. The belts are easy to use and stay in place when you lock them. The bottom has a protective pad on it, and the screw head doesn’t stick out to risk scratching the floor.

But BEST of all, these are so much easier to store! The lily pad-shaped base lets you stack or nest them together, taking up so much less floor space to store. This is really important for our tiny closet that has to store supplies for so many different school programs and events. I highly recommend these.

justin f.
Very Nice and Looks Professional

I recently purchased the TURBRO Super Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stanchion set and I am very impressed with the quality and durability of these barriers. The set includes two stanchions that are 17 lbs each, making them extremely heavy-duty and stable.

The stanchions feature a retractable belt that can be extended up to 6 feet, and a 4-way secure lock that ensures safety and security. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them weather-resistant and long-lasting.

What's great about these stanchions is that they are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, events, and public spaces. They are also easy to set up and use, with a sleek and professional design that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Overall, I highly recommend the TURBRO Super Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stanchion set for anyone looking for a high-quality and durable barrier system. The stanchions are heavy-duty, weather-resistant, and feature a secure lock that ensures safety and security. They are versatile and easy to use, making them a great investment for any space.


These are heavier than I expect, I should’ve read that each one weighs 17 pounds. This is great because the are very solid and sturdy and great quality. They are great for line control or blocking off an off limits area. These are definitely heavy duty.

G. H.
Made in China. Quite heavy. Pop-up when tilted.

These are quite heavy, which I like. If you purchase multiples, they will "slide" in together, so they take-up less space. Easy assembly. I like that they turn back up when bent sideways.

These stanchions are Made in China and being sold by a Chinese company on Amazon. Currently they are listed for 100 bucks. . . but. . . there's a 50 dollar coupon, which makes them very affordable. So if the coupon is still offered. . . Don't forget to click it.

Sturdy and heavy enough

These could be a little heavier, but they are heavy enough. I just like really heavy ones so strange people don’t pick them up.

They look good, work fine.

My biggest issue is the red strap does feel a little cheap and the plastic connector definitely feels cheap. Not sure how long the connector will last.

Overall, they seem fine, I just wouldn’t call them durable. If you are going to set them and leave them, you should be fine. If you set them up and take them down a lot, you may run into issues eventually.

I hope this review was helpful.

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