TURBRO Puppy Incubator with Heating & Fan, for Newborn Puppies and Kittens, with Multifunctional LED Control Panel, Nebulizer Accessories, Temperature and Humidity Detection, FCC Certified, 85L
Neighborhood Pet Incubator
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  • 🔥 Heating with Fan: FCC-certified TURBRO pet incubator delivers 71-95°F of cozy warmth for your pet. The built-in fan and PTC heating element provide your pet with safer, faster, and more evenly distributed warmth compared to those with traditional heating lamps.
  • 🌀 Year-Round Comfort: Fan-only mode offers a refreshing breeze with 3 adjustable speeds on warmer days. This versatile feature ensures your pet remains comfortable year-round, adapting to their needs with a simple touch.
  • 💡 Intuitive Operation: Adjust heating, fan, and timer settings at your fingertips with our multi-functional operation panel, which also displays actual environment temperature and humidity. 
  • A Multi-Purpose Oasis: Equipped with a set of nebulizer accessories (nebulizer not included), our incubator can also serve as an oxygen box or a nebulizer treatment box.
  • 💨 Fresh Air Flow: Our incubator features thoughtfully placed ventilation holes, ensuring air circulation for the health and happiness of your beloved companions.
  • 💉 Holistic Care: This Incubator comes complete with a series of newborn feeding kits. From the first moments of life, your pets will receive the care they need to thrive. Different colored collars also make it easy to distinguish your newborn pets.
  • 🏠 85 Liter Large Space: With a spacious 85-liter interior, our pet incubator accommodates animals of all kinds. Whether kittens, puppies, or rabbits, there's room for everyone to experience the comfort and security they deserve.
  • 📢 Note: This pet incubator has a power-on memory function. The present settings will be saved and the present operation will resume when the power is on again (except the time setting).





Door Opening Design

Pull the black ring left or right to open or close the door of the box.

Double-door design makes it easy to care for your pets.

Ventilation Accessory

Designed for better air circulation.

Please find this accessory in the package and install it into the incubator.

Wheel Design

Effortlessly move the incubator to desired positions even filled with pets.

Nebulizer Accessory

Transform the incubator into an oxygen-supply or nebulizer room using this accessory.

Please note that package does not include a nebulizer.


Model PH85A
Rated Power 150W
Power Supply 120V / 60Hz
Item Weight 6.6lbs
Cord Length 5.9ft (1.8m)
Item Dimension 17''D × 23''W × 13''H

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