Ah, the holiday season—the time of year when the scent of cinnamon and the sound of wrapping paper being torn fill the air. And what better way to celebrate than by snagging some incredible deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza? If you're on the lookout for home comfort and innovative heating solutions, look no further than TURBRO. This buying guide will navigate you through the exciting world of TURBRO products, ensuring you make the most informed decisions during the holiday sales.


Introduction to TURBRO

TURBRO is a brand that takes pride in redefining the way we experience comfort at home. Specializing in heating solutions, they offer a range of products designed to keep you warm and cozy throughout the colder months. From sleek and stylish electric fireplaces to efficient mini split air conditioners, TURBRO has something for everyone– including air conditioners for the summer months! 


Let's explore some of the top products in detail, ensuring you've got all the information you need to make the best choices this holiday season. Who knows, you might find some of these on our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals list if you sign up for our newsletter!


Wishlist-Ready Items 

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Heater

The TS20 is a compact powerhouse. Ideal for smaller spaces, this electric fireplace heater is energy-efficient, providing a cost-effective solution for staying warm during the colder months. Its freestanding design means you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance without the need for complex installations. It's not just a heater; it's a statement piece that elevates your home decor.


TS25 Suburbs Wifi-Enabled Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

An upgrade on a previous best-seller, the Suburbs TS25 ensures comfort at your fingertips with the power to control temperature settings remotely through your smartphone or smart home system via WiFi. Whether you're seeking to create a cozy atmosphere in your living space or looking for an elegant heating solution, this smart electric fireplace stove, with its realistic flame effect and traditional aesthetics, offers a perfect blend of timeless style and cutting-edge convenience. 


5.5 Gallon Large-Room Humidifier 

Designed for large rooms, this powerhouse ensures optimal humidity levels for a comfortable and healthy environment during the festive season. With the added convenience of WiFi connectivity, you can easily control and customize settings from the palm of your hand, making it a perfect addition to your holiday wish list to keep your skin and sinuses from drying out.

EF23 Eternal Flame Electric Fireplace Logs

There will be no chestnuts roasting on this open fire, but you can keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose with the Eternal Flame 23-inch Fireplace Logs. Whether you have an existing fireplace you are tired of loading with firewood or have always wanted a fireplace of your own, the realistic pinewood logs will keep you cozy all winter long.


EF26 Eternal Flame Wifi-Enabled Electric Fireplace Logs 

This product made our list last year, but we’ve added one major feature to make it even better: Wi-Fi control. It still has infrared heating for a complete warming experience, but now you can control the temperature and flames or set a timer all from the comfort of your couch. Talk about convenience!  


FL27 Firelake Electric Fireplace Heater with Mantel 

This electric fireplace heater combines the charm of a traditional mantel with modern heating technology, offering you the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. With its realistic flame effects, adjustable heat settings, and elegant gray wash finish, this electric fireplace is a versatile and energy-efficient solution for those seeking both style and warmth in their homes.


INF72W-3D In Flames Wifi-Enabled Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace 

Elevate your living space with this state-of-the-art electric fireplace, which not only offers a captivating 3D flame effect but also comes equipped with WiFi connectivity for ultimate convenience. With the ability to control heating settings remotely via your smartphone or smart home system, the INF72W adds a new level of comfort and control to your home. Its sleek wall-mounted design makes it a stunning focal point for any room, combining modern aesthetics with efficient heating to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips:

1. Set a Detailed Budget:

Beyond just setting a budget, break it down by product category. Allocate specific amounts for the electric fireplace and portable space heater categories to ensure you prioritize based on your needs.


2. Price Comparison Across Platforms:

Take advantage of the plethora of deals available during the holiday season by comparing prices not only between online retailers but also considering any brick-and-mortar store promotions. You might find exclusive in-store deals that are worth exploring.


3. Explore Bundle Deals:

TURBRO often offers bundle deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These could include combinations of electric fireplaces and portable space heaters at a discounted price. Bundles are an excellent way to upgrade multiple areas of your home while maximizing savings. Sign up for our email list to be the first to know about our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! 


4. In-Depth Product Reviews:

As you gear up for your holiday shopping spree, dive into comprehensive product reviews. Seek out detailed feedback from users who have experienced TURBRO products firsthand. Look for reviews that highlight performance, durability, and any potential drawbacks to make an informed decision. Start with this review of our Smokeless Firepit from OXFOOT on YouTube! 


As you embark on your holiday shopping journey, let the warmth of TURBRO accompany you. The Suburbs Series and portable space heaters like the Arcade HR1015 and Suburbs TS17 are not just products—they're statements that redefine home comfort. With the festive season upon us, take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to bring the gift of coziness to your home. TURBRO is not just a brand; it's a promise of comfort, style, and innovation. Happy shopping, and may your holidays be as warm as your newly acquired TURBRO products!


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